The flow of music
Our notes,
Whispering towards me,
Offering a slow start.
Forever in a trance,
Waiting for a crescendo,
Unknown to the Universe.
Did you notice?
I don’t miss the words,
Those that haven’t been written,
Or spoken in so long.
The beat carries on,
The deepest bass,
Like your darkest place,
Would be easy to find comfort there.
Texas beach, cool night air
Whisked away
Blood pouring from aching eyes
Arms wide open,
Although miles apart, I fear.
Dreaming of your piercing stare
As the notes end,
it is then,
I will weep.

Don Charisma’s Prompt – ImagineΒ : Thanks for bit of inspiration this afternoon, DC. I may have to try to do more of these prompts. Makes creating so much easier when I have a word. I just closed my eyes and, well, here ya go WordPress Family.

75 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Hun, I switched off the likes on my blog, but people just keep on liking somehow … it’s a wordpress problem I think … So add so far 14 likes to your total πŸ™‚

    Warm regards



  2. Have you heard the lyrics to my song “Sold Out” from the album Osaka Time – “Sold out, sold out, strategic vote is our only hope. Elections bought and sold, all with tax payer’s gold. Sold out, sold out, strategic vote’s our only hope. Big business in like flin, it really is a sin. Trade deals that shed jobs, slave labour’s hard to beat. We just can’t compete. All those trade deals do, is ensure a corporate view, meanwhile the homeless numbers rise and food banks grow in size. Sold out, sold out. Our democratic rights, are gone by corporate might. Chapter 11 should be repealed, but we’ve been sold out. Our only hope is strategic vote.” Not exactly a love song, but I got a lot of nasty feelings off my chest.


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