I Miss Food: The Diary of a Sick Woman

I Miss Food: The Diary of a Sick Woman

Day 1:

I think I’m going to die. Oh yeah, I have to take my children to school. Fine go ahead, wave, I don’t have the strength. 

It’s too far to my bed, so I think I’ll die here on the couch. Oh man, I’m going to be late picking up the children. The sun is so bright. Ouch.

I made dinner on those other nights so find something to eat. Husband and Children, please spin that Leftover Wheel of Fun, so I can die in peace. Shoot, I have to sign and review homework.

I’m going to bed, maybe that’s my final resting place. Get this pug out of my bed…I’m hot enough as it is. Oh fever, I hate you.

Day 2:

Okay, I didn’t die, but I don’t like my bathroom much anymore. Early morning choir practice…hurry children, hurry! An hour and a half later, “Son, put your tuba away. You’ll be late for school.” Where’d I put my glasses? Stop looking at me like I just woke up…

I don’t drive well sick.  Don’t ask me why I’m driving so slow. Stop honking at me!! Why does life continue when one’s sick. How dare it?! Oh what’s wrong with me… I miss the fetal position.

A note from a friend…”Did you eat chicken from here?”….oh crud. On Saturday I played with raw chicken as I put it in the crock-pot after cleaning the drawer of the refrigerator which had ooie gooie chicky juicy in it… Salmonella?

Is that why there’s cramping. Ugh. I feel sour. I’m usually overly careful of chicken. I fear this sickness will turn me into an overnight OCD hand-washer, as if it wasn’t borderline before this moment. Oh, I feel asleep on the couch again? Did that count as family time?

Day 3:

I miss real food. I found this picture today. There was a time where a rib eye with gorgonzola cheese, potatoes and carrots where part of my life. I long for the days of a cold Shiner and beautiful scenery… Ahh, date night…I remember you. 

Oh whether it’s the flu or salmonella poisoning, I’m over it! I have had all I can take. Let me lift the blinds a bit…

I wonder what the rest of today will bring?


7 thoughts on “I Miss Food: The Diary of a Sick Woman

  1. Awww feel better, dear friend! *hugs* I know what you are going through as I had the flu last week. It’s the worst thing in the world, especially for us lovers of food! Cheer up! You’ve probably lost 10 pounds. 😉

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