Ladies Night

I was invited to see The Adventures of  Priscilla Queen of the Desert this past weekend with some friends.  On the outside looking in this just looks like a musical about a few Drag Queens driving across Australia in order to put on a show at a casino.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (musical)

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (musical) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And it is…

I didn’t realize what this musical was about when I agreed to go along, so a few weeks ago I sat down and did some research. I went in expecting to laugh a lot, sing along a lot and to be entertained alongside friends.

Currently, I”m still absorbing what the night had actually gifted me. My mind is numb from the music, costumes, acting, singing and colors that were used to entertain us.

More than anything, the lessons and reminders that I walked away with are immeasurable and I’m glad I was asked to go. I didn’t realize I needed a reminder on understanding someone’s position or possibly how detached I am towards many human behaviors. I was shaken back to the reality of how hateful people can be, how surprisingly supportive the out-of-the-ordinary acquaintance is when given the opportunity and that above all else the notion that we all just want to be loved and accepted.

This production opened up a fountain of emotions.

Do you know what it feels like to be surrounded by mind-boggling talent? It’s so unbelievably humbling. The actors in Priscilla Queen of the Desert have a gift, an entertaining gift, that I had forgotten can exist and how much I desire to fill my need to be surrounded by it. I was reminded of how uniquely talented you have to be to write music that stirs the soul, and how creative you need to be to dream up costumes that transport you to center stage. To top it off, I left reminded that when you see God-given ability, you should stand in awe.

None the less, it was STILL extremely entertaining, edgy and highly inappropriate for my eyes ears, but I am thankful for the experience and astonished at what a writer’s talented mind is capable of without much effort.



5 thoughts on “Ladies Night

  1. I saw a movie version years ago, and it was a revelation. Mind-blowing. Loved it, even while watching in wide-eyed shock. Would love to see a live musical version.

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