January 21, 2021

The tick, is it inside my head or just over there on the wall


The cold upon my hands is it still there or has it traveled to my heart


The quiver on my lips is it caused by the world or by him


Does art matter beyond the eye or will it stay forever in our minds


When we are deemed useless is it easy to overcome or can it stay with us forever


Scared I’m close to only one side existing. Weakness is impatient with me. Strength barely recognized.


I still see beauty. It’s in flowers, rocks, trees, clouds, water, prairie, mountains, oceans and sand.


I’ve witnessed love.

Goddess of the Dawn

his Eos,
stunning muse,
 white feathers
when used as a pen
write of her
his parchment stained
with her tears of dew


Please excuse my absence. I’m 10,000 feet up where the air is thin and crisp. I’m at peace this morning. Life. Love. Mountains. Enjoy your moments. They go so quickly.  



I watched her
the pain in her eyes
the grip she had on the handle
white knuckled
slowly departing
caving to her mind
yet, feeling her heart
fight right back
tears wiped
smudged across her cheek
watching through
a rainy mirrored day
as she slowly becomes me
incapable of allowing
what her soul needs

My Sister

A child was born on Mother’s Day
Looking similar to all the rest
A nursery full of beauty
God brought you to her
My Sister
Laid upon her breast
Blue eyes locked to blue eyes
You fell in love
She was a mere child, as well
My Sister
The first Grandchild
Daddy’s Boy and Momma’s Joy
Craig, our shining star
You could do no wrong in their eyes
My Sister
Watching you grow
Meeting milestones
Dad a strutting peacock
None of us with more pride than she
My Sister
One day dark clouds rolled in
No advancing past your own floor rolling
To the doctors we’d go
No one stronger than she
My Sister
Two full years later, finally a diagnosis
Cockayne Syndrome, wouldn’t you know
We sat in silence, held each other close
If only seven years, she’d make them go slow
My Sister
Craig you rested so well in her arms
We all spoke your silent language
A community of your devoted fans
But none as in love as she
My Sister
Your fifth birthday here in a flash
Two weeks later, you woke up for the last time
We all ran to your side
In a hospital room we cried, but none like her
My Sister
Nothing they could do had been decided
Three siblings sat surrounding your mother
She rocked you as we prayed
“God, please don’t take him from her-not today.”
My Sister
A strong little boy who could never walk
Much too frail, much too sick
Was Heaven sent from Him to her
Yet, at twenty-three she was asked to give you back
My Sister
Over a decade later you’re still gone
As a man you’d been seen – almost
Still Daddy’s Boy and Momma’s Joy
Blue eyes sparkling, at your Mother
My Sister
May, the month of beautiful beginnings
The source of every mother’s worst nightmare
Baby Sister, you made it through, pay no mind to the dark days
That’s when Craig is with you
My Sister

Twelve years ago…we miss you, Craig. We love you. Everyday we’re thankful for the time we had…♥

Redheaded Sister’s Saddness

I miss my sisters.
I need them today.
A feeling only sisters should witness, has come to stay.

The words I shutter, please find me, I pray.
You can lay your head on my shoulder.
The only act I need, please come and sit with me.

I want you to twirl my red curls around your finger.
As you lay your leg across my knee.
I wanna be near you and wait for my heart to relax.

It’s been through all shapes and sizes for far too long.
Living away still confuses me, am I on the right track?
My heart wonders around looking for truth.

Up and down it goes as my mind searches for you.
Which way to turn for safety, I cannot rightly say
Without your voice I am lost today.

I desire the words that ring honestly true,
“Oh Auddie…we need you.”