March Delivers

Shivers promoting
Springtime with an opinion
Nature amazes

Came home for lunch today and I’m freezing cold. It’s raining again.

 I looked out my kitchen window and was inspired by the shadow my enormous tree had created on the concrete. Not sure my words reflect the object by any means, but I felt compelled to share. 

Either way, I believe this picture will inspire another poem soon enough because I’m drawn to it. Maybe you are, too.

It’s a gloomy day, yet I’m perky, which doesn’t always pair with the rain. Maybe it’s time to dance…

Back to work.. ♡



Spring flowers
Growing wild outside,
And in my mind
Remind me why,
I chose today to fly
Should I trust
I’m a small bird
In a big world,
An overwhelming view
The rain was massive
A tsunami,  of sorts
The wind blew,
Yet allowed me to stand
Then made me climb mountains,
Scream towards this vast land
View ocean’s waves,
Pondering thoughts in my brain
But it was the train, train, train
What I would give for one more ride
One more try
I blame Spring Break
That nasty troll
The best was the robin red breast
I loved his sweet tune
All of these reminded me of you
March came in like a lion
Been sitting like a lamb
Bring the lion back
Is all I ask