As Day Falls to Dark

Unsure of where
How? I may always question,
But without a doubt
Bliss will succeed absolution

In planning
There is light,
A hand held,
A Moment never forgot,
With blessing, intimacy
Between two
A hopeful stop

Sustain is my plea,
Calm my heart
Bless tomorrow’s lead
As day falls to dark

 Essence of Assertion

Talk by way of fireflies,
insistant lights
dancing off the water,
flickering stardust
amongst us, with you allowing.

Reach within, feel me
soothing. Release what
and prove you know
what you’re doing.

Moonlit night, high
your command or fancy,
per nature, entrusting.
Biblical; essence of old,
illuminate my soul.



With eyes locked
And my heart open wide
I promise to you
All that I am, will ever be
Admitting honestly
Whatever this is
I cherish our road, completely

***Let me apologize for the cheese factor in this poem for those who may be skeptical of finding love. I know it sounds like a five and dime wedding vow to some, but it just came pouring out of me 5 minutes ago. After reflecting over the words, my heart knows best, so I will share the poem in hopes that it brings a smile. For me, the only path worth walking is towards love in any form, but most importantly the one you’re craving, always.