Tell me again, but not above a whisper
I am tangled in between every sound
A voice nearly as sweet as hard candy
Persistent as a bumblebee’s clamoring

My words available, however breathless
Upon an ear such as yours, exploited
A curse, even you find hard to ignore
Listen, beauty aches, misunderstood

Though I run every day with the wolves
Feral in every way but two, the deeds
The language of your heart won’t miss
Lay down your poison arrows, fire at will

Tracking control among trees, primal
Murmurs, of wisps cling as they guide
Wolf’s confident charge glazes through
Your spirit soothes, submission, I lack

I ask not for your acquiescence in step
Humility is not a weakness you own
My desire is to hear the song, in part
That I might find this rhythm intoned

I stand forward, shedding perfect layers
My tenacity empowered, of this I know
Underneath layers of cimmerian leaves
Among light, where do amorous women go?

To my surprise, an email from Johnny Ojanpera arrived in my inbox a few days ago with a collaboration request for my consideration. Moments like this one don’t come around often enough. I’ll admit to being rather shocked. Humbled, more appropriately. Johnny thought I’d need to stop and think about whether or not writing with him was an interest?! Umm, yes, please.

My only warning to him, however, was to be careful, as I’d proven to be a bit on the vulnerable side as of late. Yes, this was my attempt at scaring him away. He laughed, which I adored. I guess I don’t frighten Johnny. Living life with a creative wife has him covered in suitable armor, I suppose.

I am pleased with our poem, Johnny, thank you for your lead.

Johnny’s talent speaks for itself and can be found on his blog:  Johnny Ojanpera ~ The Words I Didn’t Forget.
Johnny proves to be incredibly intelligent, which I admire, and any applause over our effort should be directed towards his poetic ability.

Thanks for making poetry easy, Johnny. ♡