when he becomes
more than just a dream,
my heart will beat
the sound of a thousand drums
my soul will ache
with the clinching of needy fists
my mind will race
towards a feminine understanding,
and butterflies will
make sense again.
their existence
somehow unbelievable,
until then.


Princess Magic

Lay your head down my princess
The weather too cold outside
Relax and dream, continue the story

Do you remember the Beauty?
The one I speak of, as you drift to sleep
She’s inside of you, inside of me
A Beast did snatch her, I agree
But let me tell you more about him
A strong mind was his, given Divinely
Once sharing it, then to be left denying
His heart seemed cold until that day
A Princess came and stole it away
She saw the love inside his heart
It needn’t matter how he appeared
She’d used her heart to weaken fear

Remember, my little one, listen to me
If this is your wish, my sweet darling
Work your princess magic and go find him…