An Update & New Series

I laugh at how easily I ignore my inner voice. I am such a brat. Not that negative voice telling me I’m not good enough (I dislike her very much.), but the one warning me. The consistant kicking in the pants telling me to pay attention.

I listen clearly when danger is near and she has helped me. All other areas of life are ignored until I finally get hit with what I’m choosing to over look.

Seems by that point it’s too late for me to ignore my direction, because it’s hard to avoid the obvious. This is when I get hurt. If only I would listen to her pleas.

My body knows, my eyes see and my heart recognizes all inconsistencies, so why not allow them to do their job.

My voice. Why do I ignore her?

As I reflect in my review, she’s been spot on and she’s saved me from a lot of hurt.

I just don’t want to believe negative exists. I easily get lost inside wishing for what I want to happen because I believe goodness prevails in any situation.

Silly, Audrey.

I can trust myself.

I need to trust my voice.

I adore Lauren’s new song. Listen for me. This is where my clarity was found.

I just left Colorado a few weeks ago. The Rockies looked just like the mountains in her video. I feel like this video is for me.

Audrey, love yourself.

Geez, how many times have I read this over the years.

I get it now, if I don’t call out what doesn’t make sense how do I know whether or not I’m being too hard on myself.

I love my voice.

I hope you find my new series enjoyable. I’ve not done a series of poetry posts connected to one another so intimately, so this is super fun for me. And incredibly important moving forward.

I’m excited.

Watch for:

What I Would Have Shown You

Have a wonderful weekend!

– Aud



Hey, Sister
Hiya, Sis
Whatcha doin’
Nothing really, just wanted to run something past you. Do you have a minute?
Of course, are you writing again?
Yes, it has been kinda rough lately.
Are you okay?
I’ll be okay. Ever wonder what might have been?
Yeah, I do, Auddie.
I’m finding out who I am, you know?
Do you like her?
She isn’t what I expected, but clarity produces relief so that feels good.
I’ve always known who you are, Sister.
I’m not brave enough yet.
You are to me.
I miss you, you know?
Not as much as I miss you, Aud.
I’m thinking I should write the rest of this book in Nebraska.
You mean come home for the summer?
Yes, well part of it, anyway.
Your room is ready.
I need to sit beside you.
I know.
Maybe twist my curls and tell me I’m who I’m supposed to be?
You know I will.
Just sit here with me right now and wait, okay?
Anything to help.
I can hear you breathing.
I hear you, too.
Scary knowing what you want, isn’t it?
Yes, Audrey, it is.
Are you doing okay?
No, I’m worried about you. You’ve been so quiet for so long.
I know. I’m sorry…