An Entire World Awaits

what is time without a watchful eye,
til color fades, we mustn’t
gray tones allow hope
say it is so, dear one.
how is it my hands feel the road and its bumps,
while tires roll atop –
proof we’ve been here before
and what a journey it was.
clouds become pillows,
for murmurs under the sheets,
and the rain in the distance
a melody I remember and
cherish, please believe.
today is full of beauty, I smirk
yet again.
passionate in the ordinary I shall remain,
and glimpses of tomorrows
shall nudge me forward,
across the plains.

You Wanna Piece Of Me? Huh? Do ya?

“I could care less how much you get paid to do your job. The facts remain the same. One, your writing comes off as know-it-all. Two, you write yourself in an extremely ugly image (How many sticks are up there anyway?). Three, it doesn’t matter how accomplished you are, I wouldn’t sit for a moment with you and listen to your advice. You don’t get to tell anyone who they can be or when they can choose to be it. At the end of the day, Lady, you are self-important and very boring.” ~Oldest Daughter & Redheaded Sister

Tough day? Yeah, then sometimes I read blogs to relax and just have to shake my head.

Hey Blogger, I need to wipe my eyes clean after that comment. My advice? Screen your comment section or find time to filter through your followers. Write for followers that genuinely encourage, fairly review and enhance your goal towards being who you want to be, not someone willing to knock you down a few notches, while they tell you why they’re so freaking awesome.

Do you know what comes to mind….that elementary taunt that goes something like this….

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah…I’m better than you are…

Remember I’m the Oldest Sister, and I stand up for those who haven’t figured life out for themselves yet.

I won’t be following that blog, either.

Gag me with a spoon!


Okay, as you were. My coffee’s done. It’s going to be a long night. I’ve found just the right state of mind to continue writing this chapter …

“Off, with her head!” (My character won’t even see it coming…)