A smile, the product of overwhelming acceptance.
Crazy how writing a sentence can be the cause of tears.
Is wanting such a simple human response proof of a wandering spirit in search of connection?

A place to belong,
Echoes inside of me,
awakens at dawn.

Genuine acknowledgment in a situation played out before ours eyes,
should not be controlled.
Why deny the person across from you the gift of worth?
My smile is yours.

Tubas & Sisters

This morning, bright and early and before school, I hear my son playing his tuba. I giggle because it’s a tuba and it’s loud. I stop to wonder if anyone can hear it oom-pa pa, oom-pa paing along.

Just last night my daughter was caught saying, “Why does it have to be the biggest instrument? He has to play that thing…”

She said this to herself as she walked by the tuba which was sitting in one of the living room chairs. I think she probably rolled her eyes as she prepared her bag for early morning choir.

Now I sit here contentedly preparing for my day and I giggle. I have a daughter rolling her eyes in exasperation and a son, who enjoys an early morning tuba session. Both caught up in being very authentic, I’m thrilled to have been a spectator for both events.

Oom-pa Oom-pa Oom-pa…I have a post to do. Happy Thursday! I’m off today!! Watch out WordPress. I have something brewing…and it isn’t just coffee.