scanning tonight
years of my poetry
my fear realized, normal
and I am;
utterly cliché.
its the chardonnay
or I’ve tricked
myself, again,
into believing
I, extraordinary.
in awe
watching the glass
fill itself,
as I fall, once again,
for Pablo Neruda,
and settle in,
knowing he understands.


25 thoughts on “Cliché 

    • You have the best sense of humor, Sir Richard.
      *curtseys* A) I think he knows what he wants and I find that perfect. B) Thank you so much…I hope it’s readable. And pay no mind to the photo sizes I don’t know how to size them!!! (After 4 years you’d think I’d have time to figure it out.) C) I’m thankful you do. I may or may not have been drunk when I wrote it.
      I was. 😉


  1. I don’t think your poems are cliched. I’ve felt an honesty in them, and that’s far from rehashing some tired stuff. It’s dangerous to compare yourself to published writers who stand on pedestals (although I’m guilty of doing this). Healthier to sip the Chardonnay and meditate on if you are improving as a writer, and striving to tell a good poem (or story).


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