Good-Bye, Andria

Good-bye not easy
Wishing I could go with you
Lost without your smile

After five weeks of traveling, I returned home and woke twelve hours later to one of my best friends. Andria’s plane landed and I met her for breakfast minutes later. I knew she was flying in from Miami and that we would have one fast paced week together in order to catch up and say everything that needed to be said.

I was connected to her hip. We saw friends, swam, partied, had deep discussions and sat, in silence, feeling content to know we were in the same room together. There is not one moment I would have changed. I could care less about the sleep I missed out on, the housework that was neglected or the writing I didn’t find time to accomplish. I hugged her every time I got the chance, sat next to her when no one else was and enjoyed every minute of our time together.

Her friendship means everything to me. She has been a constant supporter of mine. She has taught me about what is important and who matters. The people in our lives, they matter. She matters, to me. I feel blessed to have her in my life. I am thrilled for her success in Miami, but I miss her face.

We said good-bye minutes ago and I already wish we could have lunch, a sweet tea vodka and some pool time. I am blessed with best friends in Texas. I am thankful that only one left this morning. Andria’s our glue and even from Miami she keeps us together. Now we’re all in our homes crying over our best friend leaving. Each one of us claiming her as our own.  Accepting that we share her every year and that we would have it no other way.

Safe travels home, my sweet dearest friend. I will miss you. I love you like crazy.

😦 I’m feeling like such a cry baby.

You and I, Friends
Without you I’m left searching
For more time together


44 thoughts on “Good-Bye, Andria

    • Aww. Thanks, Duketh. I am a bit sad to see her leave. Only because she is so good for my slightly introverted personality. I can get wrapped up in writing and forget about having fun. She always pulled me out, which I adore doing. I love being around people and enjoy entertaining my friends with my humor. I just get lost inside my head and she always brings me out. She knows she’s lucky to have me, too. We have the best moments together. She has gotten me to zip line, ride roller coasters and dance til dawn. And so much more…

      You should have seen us in the pool this time. We are very good at doing flips in the water. She can do more than I can, but I don’t mind. She was a cheerleader…I wasn’t. Giggle. Umm, the drink. Well, I am sorry to say that I may or may not have drank myself sober once or twice this week. Ha. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and some fresh lemonade makes a drink similar to an Arnold Palmer but with alcohol. It’s sorta our drink during the summer. When she’s around I put the tequila away only for that drink. (I am opening up here, no judging me for my blood alcohol level this week, Sir.)


    • It’s important to get pulled out once in a while. I think I’m like you that way. I can get lost in doing professorish things, but I do have such fun around people. I just need pulled out. Like a rabbit from a hat! My hat!

      *laughs* No judgements here…but I will call my friend the Judge. No! Just being bad. I would have tried one, you know! And I can’t do flips, I think.


    • We are so much the same and would be a bad influence on each other, I fear. We would never leave our desks, probably. Or my writing tree if it were my choice. You might leave for a bit. I do know that you need time to chase a ball around. Yes, pulled out like a rabbit! *laughing* No wonder your hats are too tight, Sir!

      Do you have a friend named Judge? *laughs so hard* You are so mean to me. I would make you one of those, Duke. You like lemonade, so you would like this drink. We could call it The Duketh, actually!! Oh, I would teach you to do flips. Have you ever watched your hat topple over and over as it flys down the road? Same thing…. *giggle*


    • We would be great influences on each other, dadblameit! My hats are packed with things…like knives and swords!

      Well, I have a good friend who is a judge! I like the name lots! I still can’t do flips. I”ll drink, and you do the flips.


    • Oh, I’d influence you, Sir. I have no doubt. (Curses!) I like when I upset you! Knives and swords in your hat is very dangerous, Duke. Why would you keep them there? And how?

      He keeps you out of jail. I like the name, too. ‘Tis my favorite name of all time. You haven’t even tried the flips yet. Don’t give up. Will you watch me do the flips? And fill my glass, because if so, we have a deal.


  1. That is really sweet! For a minute there I thought the worst… It is great to have friends like that–to have it hurt when they are missed. πŸ™‚ Just think if it didn’t hurt. Take care!


  2. I am so happy that you have such a beautiful friend! πŸ™‚ You are truly blessed! πŸ™‚ Not everyone has friends like that πŸ™‚ I know you feel sad now, but the sadness just shows how blessed you are to have someone whom you love so much and who loves you so much back πŸ™‚ Friendship is so dear and precious πŸ™‚ And, you know, crying is good πŸ™‚


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