College Life: She Follows Accents

College life became exciting fast after a few days of settling into a routine. One day, I walked into my dormitory just in time to see a man carrying his mountain bike across the lawn. He wore his backpack, or maybe it was a business bag, across his body. He had a long plastic tube strapped to his back and runner’s legs. I liked that a whole lot.

What kind of cowboy is he? I remember thinking, as I watched him more closely. No not really, but time did stop for a brief moment. I walked away with the realization I’d be back for him one day. Poor guy. He didn’t even see me coming. 

At the time I was busy and in hot pursuit of Mike. Netherland’s finest of swimmers. Man, he must have been 6’7 with shoulder’s spread out from one side of the room to the other. Looking back, he was a bit of a blonde Frankenstein, but he had a certain physical allure. A bit of a swimming dream, I’d say.

Mike also had an accent. Oh boy! You know how much I liked those little gifts from heaven. He looked a little lonely and maybe like he needed a friend. I think quite possibly, he needed a translator too, but I couldn’t be that for him in the end.  I enjoyed our lack of communication skills, actually. Talking through facial expressions sounded like fun to me.

We happened to workout at the same complex, at the same time and every day. I’m not sure if that coincidence was fate or just really good planning.

Yes, on my part. So what!

He barely noticed I hadn’t been there all along. I had just recently began practicing my swimmers turn, as a bonus, I was the only one who noticed. Mike and I started talking, maybe a lot, until I realized that his hair never seemed dry. Turns out that he worked at swimming all the time. A lot.

Every. Single. Day.

Morning. And. Night.

Weekends, too.

You may have already pieced together why this story of us ended rather quickly. Yeah, I’m kind of girly in the sense that I enjoy people’s company. This is the battle armor one wears when you come from a large family. I’m used to having people around. I refused to say I’m needy, but I may have been just that, at the ripe old age of twenty.

Yes, this meant he didn’t have time for my deep thinking. He rarely had anything interesting to add. Maybe I’d be okay just hanging out in a swimming suit all day.

Sadly, in the end, even the accent lost its appeal.

Gasp! Shock! Horror!

I know, talk about serious disappointment. I’m quiet sure he didn’t have time for me. He was Olympic bound, even if only in his head. I think he really did try, actually. Anyway, that was a fun couple of weeks.

I was living in an international dormitory, this girl was going to be okay.

Up next?

Brains! Lots and lots of brains!


22 thoughts on “College Life: She Follows Accents

  1. Adonis stories never really turn out well. I had a Greek Adonis at the age of seventeen. tall, dark, handsome, spoke with an accent…and just so happened to be in the mafia. Long story short. Didn’t work out.

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