Well Wouldn’t Ya Know It

I came across some interesting news over the holidays. Did you know that if you Google my name, Audrey Dawn, the first page of info will be about porn? Yes, that’s right, Audrey Dawn is a porn star, as well. Let’s cue the music, shall we?

Bow Chica Wow Wow…

I have to say that I’m pretty thrilled she isn’t a redhead. Can you imagine me trying to explain away that misunderstanding? The details are sketchy but I’m fairly certain that my physical features do not mirror hers. I can almost hear the stampede of men leaving right now to investigate. Thanks a lot guys.

I’ve got to get to my point and quick.

So yeah, curiosity hit me. I Googled Audrey Dawn. Oh joy! I share my name with a few others as well, just none with a profession as exciting as porn. Porn Audrey Dawn is a character from a movie. The movie is from a few years ago. The actress who played her is also linked to our name. What I’m wondering now is can I overcome the rather “large” presence and possible domain over our name. Can I possibly become the #1 Audrey Dawn without resorting to porn?

I did a lot of reading over the holidays and everyone is talking about change. I read about new blogging directions, stats, growing an audience, and even marketing yourself. It wasn’t my intention to learn more, basically I fell right into it here on WordPress. I found it interesting. Actually, I found that the why it’s important to us was much more compelling.

The ultimate goal is in front of all of us. I suppose very few are as unaware as I am as to where the finish line’s located. It’s here somewhere. I remember reading about it and maybe even seeing a picture once.

We should follow strong and seasoned writers. The best sellers of the world have much to say and we should entertain it. I also find it imperative to follow writers who seem to be running the same speed. If you’d like, I’ll read to you of Tortoise and the Hare. I understand the reasons for keeping pace with those you want to challenge or overtake. It’s when it becomes too important that I worry. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. You are where you’re supposed to be right now. You’ll get to those other places when you’re meant to and not a page sooner.

I didn’t want to discover this Google information, but I wonder if I’m stuck with it now. Am I always going to be Second Page Audrey Dawn? Is there a chance that I can overcome Porn Audrey Dawn? I lean towards waving a white flag and accepting my place in Google’s rankings.

I mean I’m good, but I’m not that good. She’s working with plastics, make-up and good lighting. I simply have make-up, blue ink in my pen and clean white paper. Do you hear her sinking my battleship? You weren’t supposed to say yes.

Oh! Never fear, Aud’s here and I’m going to overcome all the other Audrey Dawns because I’m a glutton for punishment.

I figure I can:

1. give it all I’ve got.

2. keep my eye on the prize.

3. have spark in my sparkle.

4.  can be all I can be.

5. beat her at the Audrey Dawn Game.

What I’ve learned from this experience is that when you start wondering about yourself it makes me wonder about myself. Yeah, I know. I have bigger problems yet to face. Your posts executed my thinking on how unaware I am over how I’m doing. I caved. I Googled myself and now it seems that I’ll be searching myself a lot more frequently to see how I’m measuring against her. (No, I won’t.)

My guess is that very few of you are competing with a story about porn. Scratch that, everyone seems to be competing with porn, so I should focus on what I was doing before I Googled my name. Anyone else get the sense that I’m talking to myself? Even the woman are like…Well just let me go have a look…

I think I’ll investigate Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister from now on and leave Audrey Dawn alone for a while.


43 thoughts on “Well Wouldn’t Ya Know It

  1. Audrey…..fess up, your husband turned your computer on and he found that you had been watching porn so you came up with this innocent, ‘oh i was just searching my name’ story….that’s REALLY what happened…isn’t it? 😉

    “We should follow strong and seasoned writers. The best sellers of the world have much to say and we should entertain it”

    one thing i got’s to say about this is that i agree but i want to add a caveat …….i would say we should indeed follow strong and seasoned writers…..but that doesn’t necessarily mean the good writers are the ‘popular’ ones…because a lot of modern popular writers are utter rubbish in my mind. I’ve styled much of my writing based on authors that are long since dead (C.S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer come to mind as being heavy influences on the way i write) ….

    • No, I didn’t see it that way at all, actually. 🙂 *puches you in the shoulder*

      Great point! Most of the popular writers don’t interest me either, Kennth. I just think that we can’t count them out as resources. I’m extremely old school when it comes to who I read and pull inspiration from, as well. (I’m much too much of a romantic not to pull from the classics. It’s actually quiet disgusting and I annoy myself with how pathetic I can allow my writing to get.) 😉 I can see Lewis in your writing, it may be what pulled me in initially.

  2. I have no idea what compelled me (you, perhaps!) but I have just Googled my name and am delighted that my social media profile appeared at the top of the listings. Maybe I should trademark my name now before a porn star takes a liking to it….. 😆

    Heather xxx

  3. Very clever, humorous post! By the way, I once knew a young woman who named her daughter ‘Amber Dawn’ – now that always stuck in my mind as a stripper’s name. Reading your blog is always a delight.

  4. A few more resolutions for you:
    1) Don’t knock the restorative properties of a good whine (from Damyanti)
    2. Don’t spend too much time memorizing the spelling of ‘worchestshire’ (sp?)
    3. 80% of success is showing up (according to Woody Allen). Show up for life.

  5. You are hilarious…seriously, that porn star should be worried about YOU! Keep writing stuff like this, and you’ll be number 1 in the Google search soon! And, I’ll just take your word for it on the search results 🙂
    Great post!

  6. I like the line where you say you’re right where you’re supposed to be right now. I’d stick with that, that and trying to get where you’re supposed to be in the future. 🙂

  7. Yikes, I thought my cousin had it rough–she’s competing with another writer with the same name. But this is crazy. (I might take a peek, just maybe…)

    I’ve Googled myself a couple of times and nothing that interesting comes up. It’s funny though, when I click on the images, a lot of pics from my fellow bloggers come up.

  8. Okay this made me chuckle a bit. Keep at it and yeah you can beat her. Also look into the Webmaster Tools for Google and Bing that can help give you a little bit of a boost. Hmm I should probably do a video tutorial of that.

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