Love – To Know Me So Well

Charished and effortless reactions had been lost with distance.

Now welcomed back in with monumental excess, as we familiarize once again.

So simple is life when they’re along for the ride, I’ve found my peaceful heart.

Looking into familiar eyes long over due, man just look at you.

I can’t get enough of sibling love and only a few more days have we.

Come along back to Texas with me, please?

We’ll change lives together, forever a team, you and me.


22 thoughts on “Love – To Know Me So Well

  1. My favorite sister, my sister-in-law, her sister, and I pack our respective bags and meet up every October. (No husbands or children allowed. 😊) We pile in one vehicle and head for the Texas Gulf Coast. There, we spend two or so wonderful weeks in a house on the beach. I think the four of us would go crazy without this time away together. Nothing like the company of a sister…or ladies who are as close to you as a sister. We have a blast!

    • Hi, WK, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. I love it. I live here in the Texas Gulf Coast and can think of nothing better than time here with sisters. My sisters are my best friends. I write for them a lot. Hugs. Enjoy your week. Wonderful to meet you…thanks for following my poetry.

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