Prince Oscar – Texas Nature Hound



Obsessively orthodox, you never stray.

Super savorer, you’ve never met a food you didn’t love.

Cutest canine, your smooshed face sealed the deal years ago.

Apologetic ally, you’ll be forgiven in minutes with those sad eyebrows.

Royal reverence, you’d wag your tail and follow me anywhere, if only I’d ask.

9 thoughts on “Prince Oscar – Texas Nature Hound

    • Isn’t he the sweetest Pug you ever did see? πŸ™‚

      Does he hunt squirrels? Now, I would pay to see that, P. VJ Duke! (I’ve got to use Duke.) Oscar is harmless, he’d try to befriend the squirrels, maybe run up on them, but hunt, no. He is so busy with his nose squished to the ground that seeing anything around him takes effort. Which makes me wonder if he’s possibly far sighted. πŸ˜† He has a nose for the smelly news…haha.

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