Reading Between The Lines & You’re All So Talented WordPress


This is a lot like how I felt the other day when I decided to post, Β She Waits With Music. Although, I’ve come so far from the days of never letting anyone see anything I’ve written, I still get nervous when agreeing to hit that blue button. In the end, if I hadn’t posted that short story, my muse may have hit me over the head with something hard. It’s a new thing…I don’t know when he showed up, but I’m doing what he tells me.

I find it so inspiring when I witness the bravery it requires to share creative work with the world. I am always so blown away by the blogs I follow and the talent I witness, so when you have fears about hitting that publish button, I want you to just do it.

It’ll inspire someone. ( I wrote a poem, I did it, okay.)

It’ll challenge another. (I’ll try making that HUGE mushroom turkey burger. I said I’d try.)

It’ll be just what a newbie needed to learn or fix. (Often times, me.)

It’ll wake up sides of youΒ that you didn’t even know existed. (Now I have a vested interest in photography, beyond appreciation? Wow, I want pictures like that.)

It’ll spark change. (Is gluten that important? Well, I’m not there yet, but..)

It’ll make you use the piggy bank for more than Sonic Vanilla Diet Dr. Peppers. ( Oh, my wine list gets longer and longer.)

It’ll get you out-of-town. (Oh, the places I want to go….)

It’ll be all they needed and more, without a doubt.

Thanks for inspiring me, WordPress. (I still shake my head every time I log in.)

17 thoughts on “Reading Between The Lines & You’re All So Talented WordPress

  1. Great post. And that pic holds SO much truth. His books might be a little out there, in a good way–he’s what I like to call a mind-dumper: he lets it all go onto the page, without limits and strict rules, the only way to fly–but he is a smart one.


  2. I know exactly what you are feeling because I feel the same way when I hit that publish button. You wonder if people will like what you have to say, hate it and unfollow, call you a hack, etc. All writers go through this.

    The beauty is when someone actually comments and is inspired by your writing. πŸ™‚ That is better than any glass of wine. πŸ™‚

    You inspire me, Audrey, to try new things (poetry) and to continue with my writing. Thank you for being an amazing woman and having the courage to write what you are feeling. It’s rare these days to find that. πŸ™‚


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