Our Story Is Over

Not a simple fix is it?
Lost somewhere between,
I’ll figure this out,
And just let it be.


This and it, being you,
Or us, and what didn’t work,
Even after trying.

Making up

Long gone are the days,
Of make believe,
Playing house,
And happily ever after.


Following behind answers,
I couldn’t seem to catch,
But knew wouldn’t solve us anyway.


Today became the end,
Our story is over
And I’m free to begin again.

Craving Leadership

Friday Rant — to be fair I wrote this hours ago. Prayed on it. I’m allowing it to be heard. Happy Friday 😊

I wouldn’t and couldn’t vote someone into office just because – “I should”.

  • When I don’t hear my voice within the nominated you can be sure I’m not placing my vote in their direction. A vote is a reflection of who I choose to be in this world. My voice matters just as much as yours. We don’t have to agree.

I wanna know your heart. I always have and always will. I will love all people because Jesus asked me to love my neighbor and I do.

In my opinion, we don’t vote someone in just so we have something to celebrate, try and create history with a personal theology out of spite, or just decide the trajectory of where we should be going as a world without a majority vote placing it upon an individual who has proven themselves worthy of leadership.

We celebrate because as a human race we have finally overcome and we have evolved. This is the natural way of celebration. NOT because a group simply wants it and forced it into being. Don’t rush. Everything in God’s time, people. (This is why we are where we are as a society.)

When I vote, I don’t care what gender, color or economic background the person has – the specifics don’t dictate my vote, okay. Don’t hear my words as my not caring about what makes someone beautiful.

I listen to them and watch their body language. I need a fighter in my corner, if they aren’t MY fighter I shall not sit still and go along because someone said I should. We choose them to represent not they us. Advocate for change and be part of changing but do not take someone’s right away from them, just because you disagree, by force or manipulation.

We all matter. May the BEST man or woman win. I realize everyone’s version of best is different, but imagine deciphering over two or three oh so very worthy individuals whom people trusted – in any aspect of life. What a world that would be.

Take me or leave me. I’ll be okay either way. ♡

My mom voice is alive and well, y’all.

*And yes, I miss you terribly.


January 21, 2021

The tick, is it inside my head or just over there on the wall


The cold upon my hands is it still there or has it traveled to my heart


The quiver on my lips is it caused by the world or by him


Does art matter beyond the eye or will it stay forever in our minds


When we are deemed useless is it easy to overcome or can it stay with us forever


Scared I’m close to only one side existing. Weakness is impatient with me. Strength barely recognized.


I still see beauty. It’s in flowers, rocks, trees, clouds, water, prairie, mountains, oceans and sand.


I’ve witnessed love.