Water, excitedly rushing down
Thank you for cleansing
Not the rocks, but me
Cooling sprinkles of your touch
My skin reacts
Dreaming of the summer heat
Providing me a sweet dream
You laying over me
Drifting in imagery
In the waves and out again
Clearing our minds of everything
The greenest of palm leaves
I wear them proudly
Dancing on the beach
You and me
Hearts beating
We listen to the drummers
All for us
Water nearby beckons again
Proud to wash your pain away
This moment
This dream
I’m here to stay
Creating our reality
Can I live with today’s fate
Just me and a waterfall

An Epic Journey ~ Part 3

(Hey! Welcome! First, march over and read Parts 1 & 2. You have no idea what we’ve been through…)

Them’s fighting words, so I spat back with, “Yeah, well….so what.” She was right. She was still hopeful. She was still crackin’ jokes. 😉

I got nothin’.

This was hard work and we hadn’t floated all but about a half a mile total and we’d been out here three hours, at least. We had walked and walked and walked some more. Did I mention we also carried our tubes? The children were still floating on and off, for the most part, and giggling along. The adults were pulling and carrying tubes. Mostly we were walking over river rocks in shin deep water regretting our idea.

Now and again, a group of people would come by, most of them walking and pulling each other, but at a much faster pace than our crew. They obviously had better shoes or some sort of slime retardent on the bottom of last years Nikes, which kept them from braking their knees.  Continue reading