Our Loss

Quiet this morning
Without you here
Clock keeps ticking
Fridge keeps running
My vision continues to blur
Tears of sorrow
Only allowed now
When I can sit
Reflect with respect
You all deserved more
I wish you were here
Calming your families
Bringing them joy
Instead you are in Heaven
War will always be part
Of who you are
But you were so much more
Some gave all
You answered the call
While we stood here
Holding our flag of freedom
You were asked to risk
War and duty took your breath
I owe you at least this
Yet, so much more
Should leave my lips
Thank you
We miss you
Peace be with your families

Dinner With Friends

Now, as you all know, I’m happy to help my family and friends in any way I can, and usually do. Since you know this of me, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I agreed to go to dinner, a few dinners ago, with my dear friend Professor VJ Duke.

Duke rang me recently to help sort a crisis, one of which he was, completely responsible for creating. The situation had quickly become a problem or dadblamery, as he explained it. The crisis, a woman by the name of Amelia, needed to be dealt with swiftly. Well, just have a look for yourself:

(Stop by The Punchy Lands!, have a look around, and leave the professor a note. You are a click away from an amazing video that explains what he and the MicP Studios Team have worked tirelessly to create. You won’t be disappointed. I love their characters more and more every day. Click here to go straight to the professor’s side of the story.)

[This story was co-written by Professor VJ Duke & Audrey Dawn]


The Professor and Amelia—Act 4 of the War

And the professor went out to dinner with Amelia.

I brought my good friend Audrey Dawn along, as well.

Amelia might have been unhappy—I’m was unsure about that, however. (When you can’t see a person’s eyes it’s hard to see what’s up and what’s down. And Amelia’s eyes are always…shadowy.)

Then, the professor suddenly got up and left the table.

“So, how long have you known the professor?” Amelia asked Audrey.

“This professor, Amelia? Not long, only seven months. You’ve known him much longer than I have, yet, you still don’t really understand him. Do you?” Audrey prompted knowing the professor could be back at any moment.

“Of course I understand him!” Amelia snapped. “I knew him when he was quite small. He was stranger then—if you can believe that. He likes to believe he’s free and protected.” Amelia laughed a bit.

“I’ll warn you now, Amelia, snapping at someone gets you nowhere, and quickly,” Audrey said, trying to help little bits. “Strange is relatively relative, wouldn’t you say? What does a million years ago have to do with Duke now, Amelia? What do you mean by free?” Audrey asked.

“Don’t be small-minded, dear. The Duke then is the same as the Duke now. The differences are so slight we might as well forget them. Free, as in he’s not tied down. And what do you mean, snapping?”

“Just a minute, Amelia,” Audrey interrupts while holding her hand up. “Good Afternoon, Thom, good to see you working today,” said Audrey while touching the waiter’s arm affectionately, the gesture wasn’t lost on Amelia. “Duke stepped out for a moment, you know how busy he stays. He’ll take a tart lemonade, lots of ice, and I’ll take my usual, as well. Amelia, anything I can have Thom get for you?” Audrey asks sweetly.

“No,” Amelia answered angrily. “I want to know where VJ went.”

“Amelia? Why are you so angry? Thank you, Thom. ” Audrey called out to the disheveled waiter. ” VJ, as you call him, stepped out for a minute. Has Duke upset you in some way?”

Thom mumbled some dadblamery and disappeared.

Amelia looked away. “Yes. He can be very rude, you know. But I don’t think he means it.”

“Amelia, of course he doesn’t want to be mean to you, exactly. You need to see through his words a bit, into their meaning, which will allow you to see him as he truly is, ” Audrey explained. “Are you interested in dating VJ? Maybe he isn’t available for that sort of relationship, my dear. I know you said he was free, but have you asked him, it’s possible that he’s already taken. We both know how secretive he can be about his life.”

Amelia just stared at Audrey. “You’ve suddenly depressed me. It’s stuffy in here. I need air. VJ is too…dull…to be left in control of his own life.”

And at that moment, the professor came in.

“There you are, Duke. Amelia and I were just talking about you,” Audrey welcomed, as she looked into his eyes for comfort.

The professor winked twice or thrice.

Audrey turned her attention back to Amelia.

“I’m sorry. Did I say something to upset you, Amelia? Let’s move outside, Duke. Amelia needs fresh air, and I quite agree.”

“It’s somewhat warm and somewhat cold out here,” the professor warned.

Amelia ignored the comment. “Audrey was telling me, P.VJ, that you should go out with me more often. Isn’t that right, Audrey?” Amelia glanced at Audrey warningly.

“Well, I…” Audrey eyed Amelia coolly.

“I expressed doubt that the two of you were a good fit, if you weren’t going to take the time to appreciate him, Amelia. Don’t twist my words.”

The professor looked from Amelia to Audrey and from Audrey to Amelia. “Ladies, perhaps we should try our best to be geckos. They can sing—and climb.”

“See?” Amelia said turning to Audrey. “He’s always saying something stupid.”

Audrey looks to the professor with her eyes sparkling bright, “Speaking of geckos, Duke, I need to get to class. The children and I are hunting for them again today, so sweet of you to remind me.”

The professor smiled bigly big. “Yes, yes, don’t let me keep you.”

Turning her attention back to Amelia, Audrey said, “Amelia, the only reason Duke’s words sound stupid to you is because they aren’t meant for you. Furthermore, if you never understand what he is saying, rest assured he’s never actually wanted to speak to you.”

Amelia was quite angry (cranky). It was obvious.

“My dear,” Audrey continued, “you are not a suitable match for Professor VJ Duke. I do not believe I’ll be recommending another date between the two of you, Amelia.”

And the war is over. At least, the professor hopes so.


(Thank you, Duke. It was an honor writing this story with you. Truly. ~ Audrey)