V – Value

Kindred, was.
I’ve witnessed, and felt
Which means exists,
Was it you and I
Or he with she, or
Maybe all those moments
Which are,
That will never be, yet
Living so deeply inside
My soul. Me and you,
Were, yet
Are: relevant,
Not past tense; was.
You and I: am.
Kindred, soulmates,
And you feel it, too.

Indigo Dawn


Wrapped calmly inside
This early summer breeze
You breathe deep sweltering air

Anticipating, Indigo Dawn
You arrive for her awakening
Her essence, born crystal clear

Cloudy wisps of her true devotion
Indigo Dawn, wakes beside her ocean
Discovering her weak heart still resides

Writing prompt, Indigo Dawn, provided by Richard. Adored, by many.