L – Learn

To make love: emotional
Needed, sustained
Required of each
Opens contentment
Of careful importance.
To make love: physical
Drummer heart
Echo of desire
From deep within
Vibrations fantasize
Upon skin
Awkens the thunder
Begging for release 

Your Hands

A working man’s hands
You raised me, astounding
A vision of brokenness
Yet respect found us, thankfully
Father, years of mending misgivings
Holding hands, you love me
A working man’s hands
A brother to me, oldest sibling
Strong, brave, forever loving
Growing up, you fixed our needs
Hearts, cars, music, dreams
Your hands beside me, waiting
A working man’s hands
Found you, awakening my dreams
Outstanding similarities, just breathe
Waiting patiently, my journey
Imagining and releasing all fears
Your hands, I’m offering them peace