I counted
You placed me in danger
Thirteen separate times
In two hours
Don’t tell me that you love me
When I know that’s a lie

I remember promising you guys that I would post a picture of the doodlings I sketch out, while waiting for words to arrive on paper. An epiphany occurred after I’d drawn this picture, then a poem created from a memory.

The picture is meaningless, well not the thirteen heavily drawn red tallies, it seems, which have permanently indented the next few pages of my tablet, but overall it’s just doodles.

What I’ve realized is that actions DO speak louder than words. Yes, this message has been heard a million times before, I know. Now, the missive is understood. Finally. Lack of protection will never translate into love. Not for me, anyway.



Visiting unsafe places
At dawn
Creatures lurking
Yes, just right there
I’ve found a bridge
It’s been put there as a sign
I should walk across it
Leave the rest behind
Today, I won’t allow fate’s misdirection
I see green, it surrounds
Proof you’re here somewhere
Hoping you’ll find me
You saved me once before
With your words so loud and with flare.
When you write of love and devotion,
This lady understands wholeheartedly.
I love you
I used to believe it was my mind,
doing amazing deeds for you.
This morning clarity allows me,
to agree it is your words,
which have changed me.