Who Am I?

I’m Audrey, the Oldest Daughter and the Redheaded Sister. I cherish my family and friends and the stories we share. Welcome to my blog. The joke around here is that I’m slowly piecing myself together again by offering you me. Just me. Basic.


Wisps clinging to fair skin
Individual blessings
Sun’s Angel kisses
You dress me
Make me who I am

I graduated college with a degree I didn’t fully want or understand. I can’t explain my true goal for this blog. I’m not obsessed with food, travel or photos. I’m obsessed with writing from a place of truth. I am feverishly protective. Fiercely loyal, as well.


I came here to journal. I’ve written poetry instead. I release what I cannot say with my spoken voice, as I am quite shy when the subject turns to me.

I write poetry, because my soul flourishes when I do. Broken, indeed, but willing to try. I live life one day at a time. Stop by and say hello, please, if you don’t we may never meet. I need you to be stronger than me, but only the first time. Hi, I’m Audrey.

I started taking pictures one day with my Samsung Note4. I started looking at them and words came tumbling out. I bring them here in an effort to release this deep seeded desire to be heard. Clearly. Humbled by those of you who listen. Grateful for those who feel lead to say hello. Blessed to finally feel less alone.

I am bashful. (I make myself blush.) I never say no. I’m always up for an adventure. I am hysterically funny. I am always in control. I am broken. I am a light for other souls. I am normal. I am your best friend. I am no one to be afraid of. I am the redhead your father told you to date. I am the girl your mother told you to sit near. I am your love. I am Audrey Dawn.

What I have decided is:

I believe in my own timeline. I can find my destiny, which has already been chosen by God. He’s created a vision for me, this vision has been patiently waiting. He speaks through me in my writing, my conversations and my relationships. I have ignored Him for years. I’ve already tried telling Him that I need more time. Even:

I’m not ready.

I don’t have what it takes.

Possibly, that He chose the wrong girl.

I was wrong.

After years of dreaming, I have decided I am the writer He created me to be.

I have a story to tell.

He is God.

I am His child.

Together we will write.

252 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hey. I was wondering if you’d have any interest discussing writing with me? I am fairly new at poetry and would really like to pick your brain for suggestions and feedback about my writing. I am looking to grow and I think that I could learn from you.


    • Hi, Anthony. Thank you for asking. I’m flattered and I’m fairly certain I’ve blushed, which hasn’t happened in a long time. I’ve read a lot of your poetry and it reminds of my own in a way…in regards to the delivery. I would have pegged you for a seasoned writer, because of your success. Your poetry definitely has a particular audience, since you write on the topic of abuse & emotional lows more than anything, which leads itself quite easily as its a subject close to your heart.. We often write best when we can identify with the topic. Fiction or not.

      I’d be happy to start a conversation and help in any way I can. I’ve been writing poetry all my life, but have only shared it publicly since 2013. There’s a bunch I don’t do correctly, and a lot I still need to learn. I’ve learned a lot just by reading poetry.

      You can contact me at:

      Hope you had a great day,


  2. Hmmm…

    I suppose it is my turn to say “Hello”. Please do feel free to stop by. Use the opportunity to comment on my drivel as your time allows. Shy or no, your voice will always be welcomed.

    Scanning your bio reminds me of “ShowYouMe” aka Misfiery. Very similar and thus worth mentioning. You will see her pop up on occasionally in my comments.

    Beyond that, I hope you’re having a beautiful day!


  3. Just checking in on you, my hazel-eyed friend! Hope everything is okay in your world. I wanted you to know I’ve missed you, missed reading your wonderful words, missed your sense of humor in your comments. Are you hanging up your blogging hat forever (say No, okay?!)


  4. Dear Audrey, you are sorely missed. I care. Please write something, even if it is only, “Bug off.” If you’ve been maintaining contact via Twitter or Facebook, I don’t do those. This blog is it for me, and I want to know that you’re OK, and if you’re not, I want to help. Talk, write, please.


  5. Hi Audrey,
    I don’t know any other way to speak to you as you’ve turned off your comments sections. I understand your decision – getting nasty threats and notes from Internet trolls is an awful experience. All I can say is they’re all spineless cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the web. I wish they weren’t around, sucking the breath out of the world. Stand these fools in the light of day and they all wither as their souls have already done.
    However, I’m concerned about you. Your recent poetry, though thoughtfully written as always, seems to be coming from a dark space. I hope you’re OK, I hope you’re able to turn to your family and close friends for comfort. Know that I care about you and am wishing you a happier journey and peace within yourself.
    I am much older than you, and whatever is going on, my experience may be no wiser but it’s more deeply rooted, so know this for truth: it all passes, it all passes, just give it some time. Forgive yourself. You are a good person. Forgive the bastards around you causing such pain. Not because they deserve your forgiveness but because you do.
    With my sincerest friendship,
    Shari *: )


  6. Hi Audrey I have nominated you for the Three Day Quote Challenge

    The rules of the challenge:

    Post your favorite quotes or your own quotes for 3 days in a row.
    Thank the person who nominated you
    Pass it on to 3 other bloggers.


  7. Hi Audrey. Tomorrow I will be posting a Five 4 Five challenge post and have nominated you. the Five Photos Five Series Challenge is simple, but you can accept or decline, NBD πŸ™‚ You Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph that shares your insight or inspiration of/from the image. Then each day another blogger is nominated for the challenge. I hope you will enjoy as much as I have been, but if you decline I do understand πŸ˜‰ The link here will be active Monday: http://wp.me/p3C4k1-3dy


  8. Hi Audrey, I feel happy to read about you. All the best for your upcoming book. It gives me immense happiness to see that you are enjoying the writer that you are now!
    I’m also writing a book that I want to publish later this year. I get motivation and positive energy to write from writers like you and many others.
    There is a lot of motivation that I get from your ‘About Me’ page. All the self-doubts about yourself as a writer and finally how you figured out that you are indeed a great writer. It makes a good inspiring story.

    I want to read your book when you publish it soon.
    Best of luck.
    Warm regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anoop, aww. This comment of yours is so encouraging. Flattering and incredibly humbling. I too, find motovation from great writings and smart minds. They truly to inspire. I hope my book is enjoyed by a few, however, the satisfaction of having it complete will be peace enough. It is quite nerve racking to think about showing my book to the world soon. I appreciate you sitting nearby. It means a lot. Truly. I too, would be honored to read your novel.

      So wonderful to chat this morning. You have a great smile. I hope your day is fantastic.

      Good luck and blessings ahead for you, as well.


  9. “I have a story to tell… Together we will write.” Pretty much my byline too, Audrey, except my forum is the speakers stage. It is there that I transcend from the depths and darkness to illuminating hope and awareness in and for other people. Al the best with your storytelling (which I find touching) endeavors!


    • Hi, Eric. I love that we share a common desire. Voicing our stories, thoughts, opinions and emotions can be a rewarding experience. Especially when I have an opportunity to learn and enjoy other writers.

      I am thrilled to be following your journey. Your writing is concise and full of wisdom, wisdom born of experience not just age, of which I identify. When I began my blog I held back so much of what I wrote. Hiding behind laughter and what I thought everyone wanted to read.

      About this time last year I started writing poetry for my blog. I thought it would be fun with Valentine’s Day approaching to try sharing something new. The joke was on me. My emotions began pouring out, which was a new experience. I prefer to stay in control of my feelings, but writing poetry didn’t allow for it. Here I am a year later and writing like this has been therapeutic. So much of my poetry is me, and what I one day hope to find. I’m happy to have you along!

      Thanks for coming by and reading tonight. You made my day. Sorry for the rambling on, but I wanted to share a bit more of me with you.

      My best,


    • Ash,

      Hi. Your visit means a lot to me. I appreciate you coming over and saying hello. I am slowly becoming acquainted with the women who keep Monsieur happy and laughing. Your insight has been helpful when I get an opportunity read your comments. I will come by for a visit soon. I hope we’ll be friends.

      (Aw. I hope your relationship was a good one.)


  10. Hello Audrey, been reading some a couple of your poems, what can I say. They are just great. So IΒ΄m glad you found inspiration in HIM and that you pursue the writing craft, which I have recently taken up. YouΒ΄re use of the English word is real nice, I would say you have mastered it. Anyways IΒ΄m glad you stopped by my nutty little blog and hope to explore more of your blog in the future, specially some short stories too.
    Have a great rest of the weekend.


    • Hi Charly,

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, as well. Your poem, Halt, This is a robbery, pulled me into your blog and got me to follow you. You have a great sense of timing and humor, which I adore. Please, excuse my lack of comment, and I should have introduced myself, but I blame my finding you through my phone app and it always frustrates me. I shall do better next time. πŸ˜‰

      Know this to be true, but believe it only if you want to, I am fairly shy. I will not be a stranger, I assure you and I look forward to reading your next post.

      Good luck with your blogging adventures and your writing. ~Audrey


    • Finding me through a phone app….that would be great. They should make an charly priest app. Maybe I become a millionaire. Anyways, same here, be dropping by to do what I have coined “my cool stalker moves” and please donΒ΄t me a stranger, if you have time please leave a comment. If you have time that is, you can probably see other comments, IΒ΄m quite a knucklehead so I donΒ΄t take things too seriously, starting with myself.

      Have a great day Audrey.

      P.S. Related in any way to Audrey Hepburn?


    • So you’re one of those funny guys, huh? Haha. Yeah, my phone has magical powers. It knows where to find witty folks. You’re welcome to be a stalker. Just let me know where you’ve been so I don’t have to retell a story for you later. πŸ™‚ I most definitely will not be a stranger. I am loyal to those who enjoy interaction. Good to know we can be silly together then, my new friend.

      Have a super day, Charly. I’m a huge fan of your name, you know. Always have been. Take care!


      I wish I could say yes, that I was named after the perfect woman that is Audrey Hepburn, but alas, I am not. Not related either, as you can see. Scottish heritage, relate to the one and only William Wallace, instead. So the warning I give all is…she’s spirited, loves to laugh, feisty, competitive, unruly red curly hair and lover of the outdoors, which you’ll notice quickly around here. Be sweet and I’m sweet back. Flirt and I’ll flirt back. Be kind and I’ll kill you with kindness. Tease me and I’ll pin you down. Simple lady with simple rules. *smiles* *curtseys* *flashes her dimples* Bye!


    • It says it in my about page, that I do have an ironic dark sense of humour that might be insulting to some and funny to others.

      Plus really IΒ΄m harmless, the first thing I do in the morning is look in the mirror and I fall down laughing just at the sight of myself. So I donΒ΄t take myself too seriously, not healthy I think.

      I do like the part you said “be sweet and IΒ΄m sweet back” IΒ΄ll hold you up to that standard red headed beauty, whatΒ΄s with red headed gals, they are all sexy……….yep, that was a flirt and you did say flirt and you flirt back πŸ˜‰


    • Yes, I remember reading that, actually. A sense of humir is important.

      I forget to take myself lightly, so we’re a perfect sort of friendship, I’d say. I have this image of you laughing at yourself and now I feel the need to stand up for you. Be nice to yourself….

      Giggle. Well, yes, I did, you’re correct. See…here’s the thing. We redheads, yeah, we’re few and far between, which makes us a rare gem…and pirates like gems, especially shiny ones, of which I am, so it’s easy to become mesmerized by us. We’re sexy because funny guys like you make us glow out of laughter, and for me, Baby, that’s worth millions. Helps when guys like you aren’t afraid of us either. Nothing better then a guy named Charly who walks into a room or blog page smiling. I bet you know how to wink, too. πŸ˜‰


    • Hi, Ann. I have to confess that I haven’t had much time to explore your blog yet. I came across your sight through a mutual friend. I have requested to have your posts put through to my email, so we can get better acquainted. I have read a few of your posts as they’ve come through my reader and haven’t felt knowledgeable enough to add my input. I have been where you are right now, and know that it isn’t easy, Girl. My heart goes out to you and your relationship struggles.

      I hope we can become friends through this odd world of blogging. I promise to be better at letting you know I’m around. I prefer that to silent readership, actually. My reasons for not doing so in the past for with you was because such a personal situation calls for friends who have the background info. From here on out, I will consider us pals.

      Have a great night and don’t be a stranger.


  11. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I have to confess that I spent most of my time here on your poetry page. Loved it. I love it when words delve deep into the psyche. Have a great evening.


  12. Amazing writings. Thank you for posting them so that we may experience your most enlightening thought processes. I’m looking forward to my next visit to absorb all that I can.
    Have an enlightening evening.


  13. I will leave with a couple thoughts. I guess the first is, in response to your ” Muse” poem, is that it reminds me of E. E Cummings somehow. The other one is the way that I view writing, is, that writing words is a form of prayer. thank for your time and effort.


  14. Hi Audrey πŸ™‚ I was recently asked to participate in a blog tour and thought you might enjoy participating as well. (it’s about the writing process and current projects). There are only four questions, which you will find on my blog post, if you would like to take part. πŸ™‚


  15. Audrey, it is very nice to meet you! Thank you so much for coming by to visit my blog. As a fellow writer, I look forward to learning more about you and your projects!


  16. I hope that ‘Audrey Dawn’ is your real name, but it does not matter either way….. I love it. I plan to name one of my characters ‘Audrey Dawn’, it’s just too good a name to waste.
    What kind of character would you like to be?


    • Hi there! Yes, Audrey Dawn is my first and middle name. Well, thank you so much, Terry. I finally love my name, as well. Audrey wasn’t as popular back in the 80s when I was tying to survive grade school.

      You want to use my name in a story? I would be honored! Well, I’d want her to be like me, I suppose. Argumentative in a flirty sort of way, kind, humorous and just crazy about the art of falling in love. Ya, that’s Audrey Dawn.

      Looking forward to your story.

      Thank you for this smile on my face,
      Audrey Dawn

      (see how I wrote my whole name just so you could see it again?) *smiles for you, too*


  17. Hi Audrey, I stumbled upon your blog through Don Charisma’s “imagine”. I too was prompted by his “imagine” and I am so glad to find you. I love your introduction and I have to tell you that it’s awesome even when I had to scroll down such a long list of comments and still could not find the “comment link” but I didn’t give up. Finally got here. πŸ™‚


  18. Hi Audrey,
    I’m delighted that you’ve accepted ! You might want to use the About Me posts at the top of this page – it’s perfect. Or whatever you’d like to write about yourself.
    Watch out for my post tomorrow on my site – then write your own on April 21. And don’t forget to nominate 3 of your favorite bloggers.
    Oh, and, just breathe – you’re fine!


  19. Hi Audrey Dawn,
    I would like to nominate you to participate in a Writing Process Blog Meme.
    If you accept my nomination, you will need to write an article prompted by the following four questions and post it on your blog on Monday, April 21, 2014. You’ll also nominate three writers of your choice to post their articles on their blogs on April 28, 2014. The four questions:
    What am I working on at the moment?
    How does my work differ from others of its genre?
    Why do I write what I do?
    How does my writing process work?
    I’d be honored if you would accept this nomination. Please let me know ASAP so that I can feature your blog in my post on April 14, 2014. And I apologize that this is somewhat last minute – took me a while to figure out how to do this.
    Thank you,
    Shari Pratt


  20. Bless your dear sweet heart (wow, I had to scroll awhile to get here). Your blog title/name intrigued me previously, but your comment at my blog compelled me to get over for a visit. I love, and so relate to, your list of reasons told to God–I wonder if anyone of His kids sees him/herself as He does, all the potential He’s put in us. Well, before I start rambling, count me on your support team–I’m excited for what you’re going to write, partly because I’m kinda in the same boat: plinking around on my poetry blogs while thinking about the novel I wanted to write, and maybe the painful memoir…. I’m putting you on my prayer list as of tonight, holding you in my heart though we are strangers. Oh and by the by, I’m oldest daughter and oldest child (of 6)–dark-haired and eyed in my youth, but I’ve faded quite a bit–and a survivor of much. God bless you abundantly with His favor.


  21. hi Audrey, i’ve been enjoying the immediacy of your poetry this morning. ‘I believe in my downtime’, yes, so do i and it’s never to late to pursue our creativity. just thought i’d visit a bit to ty for following my poetry/art offerings, encouragement is always really appreciated. please don’t be a stranger!


    • Hey, oh my gosh, I am so excited. I can’t wait to read it. Thank you so much for sharing me with your followers, Kate. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this shout out, but I’ll take it. I am in awe of your writing. I sit in amazement at how effortless your creative and writing abilities are, my friend. You are just that…a friend. I’m going to go read it now …


  22. Your narrative is powerful, I’m drawn in… I can’t wait to accompany you on this literary journey as much of what you’ve laid out has echoed with me for quite some time now.

    Let it loose!


  23. Audrey,

    Goodness, we have a lot in common! So glad you visited my site and commented, so I could find you this Thanksgiving Eve.

    I read your “motto” up and to the high right of your Home Page. It brought to mind this one that I found on Facebook:

    End of Day Blessing from Susie Larson

    End of Day Blessing:
    May you find a moment of peace and quiet tonight to thank God for all that is right in your world. May you have the presence of mind to release your cares and worries to Him. May you have the gritty faith to grab a firmer grip on His promises to you. And may you wake up in the morning knowing that you’ve gained ground even during your sleeping hours because God is always moving on your behalf. As you entrust your whole self to Him today, He’ll get you where you need to go tomorrow. Sleep well tonight.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Audrey!

    Best ~ HuntMode


    • Patty! What, wow. I’m speachless. Thank you so much for thinking of me and choosing me. Of course I will accept, and rightfully thank you. Good greif, this has made my day. I can’t wait to check out the other bloggers, as I’m always looking.

      Just so you know, evey like I’ve given you has been deserved. You are inspiring!


    • You are welcome Audrey!
      I like your blog and your posts often put a smile on my face and I really love your poetry.
      You deserve the award!
      And thank you so much for your kind words!
      Lots of love,


  24. Hi ODRS, I j nominated you for a sunshine award, but just noticed you already have one. Anyway, it’s the thought that counts. Write on.


  25. Update on the Poetry Group: I am going to have to put this off till next week. I began my new work schedule and I am tired. We have the list and if either of the two that submitted ideas as to how to set up this group would like instead to β€œtake over” I am all for that. Just email me or comment here and I actually hope someone takes me up on this offer. I wanted to be a β€œparticipant” not the leader on this. But I will help construct the format of the group and provide the β€œplatform” obviously for the setup and if no one volunteers I will group people next week and simply set a date to have your poem posted, maybe a label and tag we will all use, and a date to try and have reviews done (a week shouldn’t be hard). I will wait and see what kind of responses I get here.

    I am going to tag this post with PCG1 for now.

    -Opinionated Man


  26. I just wanted to thank you for following my blog Princess of the Light and for blessing me with your friendship. I love your blog and I hope as time goes by, we inspire each other! Life is all about traveling down the path God has for us. It is never too early or too late. You are meant to be on the path right now. Continue to write and your soul will be filled with the Light! Blessings to you! πŸ™‚


  27. Hi Audrey, firstly let me say how honoured I am that you thought my blog was worth following. I only recently started my blog for reasons similar to what you have said above. It’s a great way to put your thoughts down and share it with others.
    I have been reading your past posts and I have been greatly enjoying myself πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to more…


  28. Hi Audrey, thanks for the follow. Looks like I have plenty to learn with this blogging.

    Writing was never my strong point at school, but I think it’s never too late to try anything in life.

    Have you been writing a long time?


    • Hey, thanks for checking my blog out. No, I haven’t been writing/blogging for long. I have always loved writing and for years my friends told me I was funny, that I should write a blog and a book. I have found that my blog writing tends to be much more serious than I intended.

      I have a lot of relearning to do in the area of writing, like sentence structure, editing and all that, but each time I post I feel it gets a little stronger. I am amazed at the writing I see here on WordPress. It challenges me.

      Blogging is a great way to release those thoughts in our head.

      Hope you enjoy it!


    • Hi Audrey, I just found the Notifications bit in wordpress, so didn’t realise you’d replied!
      I wasn’t that good a writer when I was young, so have a bit to relearn as well. As with all things in life, the more you do something the better you get at it.


  29. Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I am intrigued by yours. I am happy you found the courage to write. I started over a year ago and haven’t run out of things to say yet. Find your own voice is a joyous revelation.


  30. I’m honored you thought my blog was worthy of attention πŸ™‚ I just write and write, mostly for myself, some for the homeschool community. I hope you’ll enjoy your journey as much as the mission you’ve taken on – to discover and grow your God-given talents. I’m looking forward to your posts…Blessings ~ Mary


    • Thank you for your encouraging words. I always mean what I say and will comment often on your posts. I enjoy offering advice and giving feedback. It’s fun to share a love of writing with someone. I think we’ll make great blogging buddies, Mary. Blessings!


  31. There is a place for every story you have to tell, whether a memoir , a non fiction, or a creative fiction novel. Words have had a powerful way of influencing others for centuries and they always will. Keep reading! Keep writing. It will come.


    • Hi! I’m a huge fan of your blog style. I like how you’ve set it up. I’ve taken some notes, and as soon as I can figure out how to be web designer, as well as a writer, I’m gonna knock the socks off this blog theme I have now.

      Thanks for coming by and taking an interest in my writing. I too, am a fan of History. I love to read Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Urban, well a lot, really. For over 10 years I convienced myself that I was a writer of Fantasy and Poetry.

      I’ve witnessed how my story has helped others and can continue to do so through a Christian based novel. It’s a new chapter in my writing and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m taking my feelings and pouring it into a journey of forgiveness, belief and grace.

      I look forward to your advice or comments. Please don’t hold back!


  32. From a fellow child of God, and “red head”…(but I’m the youngest!) πŸ™‚
    I really enjoy your blog! I don’t think it’s ever too late to share a story, and I’m looking forward to reading more of yours!
    Thank you for joining me on my journey! I’m glad you decided to follow along! I think it’s pretty amazing that we have more than just a blog and red hair in common, we have Jesus in common! And that just makes me smile. πŸ™‚


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