Ever Felt Like A Stuck Christmas Present?

It’s an early morning somewhere in the northern part of Texas. I’m writing from my bluetooth keyboard and notebook and feeling blessed. Please go even easier on me as I try to type quickly and without much reference.

Freezing rain began last night in the area we were supposed to spend the night, so we pulled in near by and had a great late night dinner. We were being careful and decided that arriving safely was more important than staying on schedule.

Now it’s today and my schedule is of the bleakest sort.

I’m thankful for a warm room and hot coffee, as I sit here and stew over whether or not to continnue our drive at all, until the weather changes. According to the Weather Channel, the land between me and my siblings is full of pink clouds.

Funny how from the tip of where I am to the Nebraska state line is pink. Here we sit in no color as does my family in Nebraska, is this some sort of sick joke? I’d say!

I’m considering how excited we all are about finally being together. I’m their Christmas gift, and they are mine.

We’ve all been wrapped presents since the beginning of the month. Anxious, ready and waiting to be seen. The image of Christmas wrapping paper covering us as we sit in a box, fills my mind this morning. A beautifully written tag we wear proudly:

To: Sissys and Brother
With Love: Aud

Their tag, much larger than mine, reads:

To: Auddie
From: All of Us

I’m coming guys. Don’t lose hope as we’ve waited this long already. Have the coffee and lights on, it’ll be a long day. I’ll be listening to music everywhere online, as some Christmas music is driving me slowly insane. Well, once I feel like we’re safe enough to make a go of it, that is…


14 thoughts on “Ever Felt Like A Stuck Christmas Present?

  1. Well here’s wishin ya safe travels and all….I’ve had my share of driving through freezing rain and vowed I’d never do it again….yuck, yuck, and yuck….hate every minute of those drives, even the memories of the make me sick……ya know I’ve been to like 40 out of the 50 states but never to Nebraska; no real point to that last sentence it just struck me all of a sudden lol merry Christmas 🙂

    • Hey! Thank you, Kenneth. I’ve been throughout the Midwest and never to either coast. I moved to south Houston 5 years ago and it was my first encounter with a beach. I’m more of a mountain girl, left my heart in CO. 🙂

      These driving conditions are not favorable…I agree. Messy at best. I’m actually thrilled that my wintery farm girl driving skills still work. 🙂 Its been a while…

      Today’s drive has been brutal. I’m now stuck in the panhandle of OK. It seems the crazy idea of driving around the ice brought me to the snow that wasn’t suppose to hit until tomorrow. Can’t a girl get a break??! I have a great post to work on tonight. Makin coffee now, I’d offer you some but I know you’ll have to pass. 😉 lol

      So glad you came by for a chat. Merry Christmas to you, too.

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