Making Myself Public

I made myself make my Facebook Page tonight. One more step closer to being who I know I am and to authenticity. So excited!!!

What do you think? It’s me…

Finding the courage I’ve needed for  years to start publicizing my love of writing has my heart beating out of my chest, my breathing short and my nerves on end. This must be what it feels like to do what you love. I’ve never felt an adrenaline rush until today. Today, I walk out and off that holding pattern I’ve been hiding inside.

I am professing here that I write and have something to say. Stay to witness my journey. I am professing my fear of someone’s judgement, but that has kept me silent too long. I will consentrate on writing for my readers which will be easy. Ignoring my inner voice that encourages me to run away will be extremely hard.

Anyone who can understand the need for emotional protection can stay. Today, I let go of that need but will forever understand that it is a process any artist must go through to get to the point where opening up to others feels right. I want your honesty but I cannot allow anyone to put me back into hiding. Enjoy what I write, I own it and I won’t forgive it.

2 thoughts on “Making Myself Public

  1. You are awesome, Audrey. I have always thought so. Reading your stories has just added another interesting facet to your very long talents list. Cannot wait to read more!


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