I can be…

Have you ever wondered what makes a nobody a celebrity?

Let me explain myself first before you go thinking I think someone is a nobody. A nobody, being someone who hasn’t been found yet by the media. I believe everyone is made in God’s perfect eye and that we are all amazing. With that being said, who gets to decide who is worthy of being followed on their blog, Twitter,  or Facebook?


Network media.

Today, I waited in my comfy chair to see a woman I feel I know already. I follow her Blog and  so understand and identify with so much of what she says. She was beautiful, funny and well spoken today. She took her few minutes of fame to push her desire to work for God. I am glad I choose to follow her blog. She is doing amazing things for herself and God. She is worthy of my time. I enjoy her blog. I would like to have coffee with her.

Okay, so here is where I may shock you all. I think I can capture an audience just as quickly. I am better, than I believe, at getting my point across with a pen and paper or keyboard and screen. I am envious of her personal self esteem and desire to write what she knows. She has what it takes. I do, too. I can continue to follow her blog. She pushes me to be better, to write more and to go where God is leading me.

I am thankful I decided to watch that segment this morning.

I will push on.

I will write.

I will change my self image.

I am worthy of your time.

I can be amazing, too.

God’s path is amazing. I just need to stop and listen.




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