Poetic Misery

I imagine your arms
The way they must hold her
Your touch offered
Encouraging her to dream
Your words encourage me
Poetic Misery


35 thoughts on “Poetic Misery

  1. I just see that tail and hear my Granddad’s voice calling across the pasture. “Wrap is too loose!” “Turn that tail down before a cow gets hurt!” “Trim that wire.”

    This is what happens when rednecks read poetry.


  2. I always look forward to your posts, poems. Such depth and sophistication, always there is a silent meaning that is complex and simple. I believe you are a gifted person. thankyou.


    • You saying so calms my heart, Gary. When I share my poetry it is my hope someone is on the receiving end accepting my thoughts. I try to write for the simpleton within me and the woman who desperately needs depth, as well. Thank you for your kind thoughts and for sharing them with me.
      I enjoy your poetry, too. You make me think and I need that.

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  3. Ouch! You can’t mean this literally. Being wrapped in barbed wire is NOT a place I’d enjoy. So perhaps I need to look at this as a place of security, rather than warm and fuzzy, right??


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