Never Leave Me

I’ve missed you
your presence flows
through sensually,
nourishing, like water
to a young flower,
if only you could
see how good you are
for my soul,
you would never leave
and become eternally lost
in leaving your mark,
within me, while
devouring my
and pleasing spirit,
one I surrender with joy,
for you only.

* It’s been a while since I last posted. I blame travel and my very hectic schedule for my absence, but I also wouldn’t be entirely transparent if I didn’t also admit to a less than favorable few weeks.

I hope your summer is off to a delightful beginning.

Inspire me…

Audrey ♡


19 thoughts on “Never Leave Me

  1. And why must I feel this so deeply within my heart
    For I have never been the nourishment
    Nor the water for the tender petals of a rose
    Nor nectar for the butterfly…
    Yet… I have followed the voice of the nightingale
    Only to lose myself within the surrender
    Of your joy…

    Your writing touches me… far beyond what you could ever imagine…
    Amazing photo… painted by nature… from the pallet of the most special of artists…
    captured through your lens to linger forever in our memory… as the masterpiece of a most beautiful day…

    Lingering in your words…


    • It is your very presence
      Which pleases me
      Feeds my soul, one striving
      To reach you,
      Blossoms expose themselves
      Within your trusting glance,
      Lay quietly and feel,
      The man for the muse

      Thank you, my Michael, for being here. You’re my brightest light. The words you chose cause me to yearn, no long, for the slightest of touch…
      May other poets strive to reach theirs the way you so effortlessly reach me. My prayer.

    • I’m never quite content being so busy my mind is blocked from a softer emotion/place. It’s always good when my vulnerability is allowed through. Thank you, my friend, for seeing me. You do a fantastic job and it means so much. ♡ (weather always has a bit to do with it, doesn’t it. 🙂 )

  2. And I meant to add that even if you don’t always want to share with us, writing when you are down is immensely helpful in sorting out the blahs. I hope things are working out for you, Audrey.

    • My hand often fights my mind, Shari. Writing when that occurs results in very critical, even hyper, disgust of my thinking I have anything to share or advice upon. To write it seems to set me back further. I was told for a long time nothing I wrote made sense and wasn’t important and usually during my weakest moments coupled with no real acknowledgement that I was writing. I’m gaining on moving past any belief in this sort of thinking. Thank you for your friendship. Your counsel. ♡

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