Woke up
To freezing Temps
Wind, my muse.
Howling comes
Down the alley, while
Grey tones rob me
Of my encouraging mood.
This is what happens
When I consider
Life without light
And neverending blues.


66 thoughts on “Depletion 

  1. Beautifully written Audrey. Your words so perfectly paint a picture for my mind of what you are writing every time. Love your posts!


  2. I thrive on grey cloudy days and rain. Winter is that crystallized beauty where it looks like time has cease to move in its frozen state and the world moves forwards as that which is froze stays in perfect shape and never ages.

    I just hate how people drive in the winter! AUGH! Total Charlie brown moment every time!


  3. We’re waiting on that same cold front, Audrey, but not expecting anything but cold wind and rain. I suppose into each week some gloom must come, right, or we’d never appreciate the sunshine! Stay warm … maybe a nice cup of cocoa?!!


  4. Snowfall? Where are you that it’s snowing already? Knowing me I’d be doing my First Snow of the Season Happy Dance…but Im a bit left of center! 🙂 Don’t be down, dear. Snow brings renewal…and not just for Nature 😉


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