Adorned in verdant elegance
Care extended with his selection
Her spirit encouraged to thrive,
Wrapped in accessorized protection
Red, his jewel of choice


40 thoughts on “Adorned

  1. LOVE how you see red as a jewel. I’m an artist and I see colors as jewels far more valuable than gemstones. Though good paints can cost quite a bit because of the amount of pigment in them.
    Still, the way you wrote that – Red, his jewel of choice – just perfect.

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  3. Beautiful prose, Aud, and it matches the photo perfectly. In fact, YOU inspired me as to creating a post that has been in the back of my Mind. Thank YOU!!! Love, Amy ❀

    • I created the post which will be coming this week, and yes your name will appear on it. YOU inspired me a lot, Audrey, and I really am grateful for it. My gardens are flourishing with buds on my Roses all ready. Just a mere few weeks ago, it was freezing here. How everything is just bursting forth this year as if to reinforce LIFE still goes on, even if winters here are brutal. The COLOR here now entrances me. I am waiting for a good LIGHT day to take general Spring pictures. I’ve been so focused on flowers, I haven’t been taking landscape. But I will. (smile) Thank you again, my friend!!! Love, Amy ❀
      PS Hope all is well your way!!!

    • I sooo appreciate you, Morgan. Thank you for lifting my spirits. I love hearing that you’re staying busy and enjoying life, no matter how busy. You are an inspiration to me, as well. I look forward to your spring photos!! πŸ™‚ β™‘ Much love, always. I’m am in awe of your skill. You are a joy to watch flourish. Hugs!!!β™‘ xxxx

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