To Feel That Way Again


Tuttle Creek, spring semester
Convinced and finally alone
The promise of happily ever after
With the help of a seductive cove.
Clothes drapped over fringe
Growth no higher than our knees
As summer promised a convenient hinge
And tree buds blossomed into leaves.
Warm air cradled doubt
While we dipped and slid with haste
A runner’s legs supported me
Mine, wrapped around his waist.
Water clutching nature
Connecting, skin to skin
Laughter echoed pleasure
I want to feel that way again.


38 thoughts on “To Feel That Way Again

  1. So much feeling in this pieces, and the overcast grey skies add to your longing to feel that way again (and from your words, who wouldn’t want to feel that way ~). The great thing about cloudy, grey days is that eventually the sun will break through and new adventures/feelings are to be had. Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. Audrey, this one is chock-full of sensory impressions. A bit of wistfulness, the balm of warm memories, sensual and tactile. ‘Tis just lovely! They say we can’t go back, but we certainly can in our memories!!

  3. Each line read, I felt as though I was getting closer to avoid using a long lens to capture this wording of life

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