Unrequited Love

Holly, of House of Heart, encouraged me to try the Non-Love Challenge. I never turn down a request from a fellow ginger, so here we go. ♡ Thanks for asking, my friend.

Rules for the “Non-Love in More than Ten Sentences Challenge”:
~The word “Love”, at least once.
~At least one adverb. (For instance: unavoidably).
~At least one quote or motto  in quotation marks.


Let’s start off with one of my favorite playwrites, J.M. Barrie. Sir, will you and your incredible optimism marry me?… *swoon* (If you’ve ever watched the movie Finding Neverland, you know the story behind his writing Peter Pan.)

“Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.” 
― J.M. Barrie


he glittered, as golden as time,
at least from the corner of my mind.
i was drawn to his cadence,
and the lifetime of stories he’d witnessed.
words like ice cream dripping from a chin,
i licked them up, begged to hear them again.
probably did, he encouraged my need,
provided willingly, he’d agree.
age but a number, always my defense,
he’d offer a chuckle, discouraging, made sense.
what an honor, but far too young,
one more story, he’d say and then we’re done.
neighborhood friends gathered here, often,
all craving his stories, of lost and forgotten.
making room for, sally, upon the swing, he stared,
noticing her blue eyes, and long blonde hair.
when she asked for more, as his story wrapped up,
upon her fair cheek, his hand did cup.
young doesn’t matter, when it comes to love,
but, the color of our eyes, my friend, surely does.
swing sits lonely now, most days,
if at all, you’ll find me there in a reflective haze.
redhead upon a red bench, satire, I recognize,
left pensive towards his stories, filled with hazel eyes.


44 thoughts on “Unrequited Love

  1. A powerful poem with such longing and wistful dreams ~ “words like ice cream dripping from a chin, i licked them up, begged to hear them again.” A treat of friendship that will stand the test of time and distance, those are the ones to hold and cherish forever. The photo along with your words that end this great, swaying song you’ve written is a perfect compliment to the longing and hope of the day. Perfection once again Audrey Dawn ~


    • Yes, much longing in this one, Dalo. Powerful? That I’m not sure of, but I’d like to hope so. I think you know a thing or two about mind consuming words and stories. They’re my favorite, you know. You left me with quite the comment. Speechless, really. How you find something kind to say every time you visit has yet to get past me unnoticed. Some day I’ll feel worthy of such kind devotion. Thank you, my Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire


  2. Something mighty sad about this one, Audrey (or perhaps, it’s just that I have hazel eyes, too!) At any rate, I’d say you nailed the challenge — brava!!


    • Finally. Someone who sees it as I did. Not that the positive side isn’t sugary sweet, but it is sad. To have fallen in love with someone much older, to then be told she was far too young, and then see the man, who told stories of girls with hazel eyes, fall in love with a friend… yes this was supposed to be sad.
      Thanks for seeing the sadness in this one. Enjoy your day. ♡

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is just magnificent Audrey Dawn – in addition to this wonderful poetic story… I think that the red swing has the potential to enlighten us with many more interesting tales… Perhaps a book awaits us… “Tales from the Red Swing”… Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I’m smiling… Thank you…


    • Michael, good morning…thank you for your kind words. I’m pleased you enjoyed this story. Yes, the red swing probably does have a lot more to express. I hadn’t given it much thought, but she could serve as a confessional of sorts. Would you sit with me? 🙂 I’m always happy to share my words with such a fine poet. The secret is out. I have a soft spot for older men. Giggle. Enjoy your day, my dear. You’re welcome, always.


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