Poetic Misery


I imagine your arms
The way they must hold her
Your touch offered
Encouraging her to dream
Your words encourage me
Poetic Misery


34 thoughts on “Poetic Misery

  1. With the view offered by the photo ~ I see no poetic misery, alas I then read your words and I see it so well…aptly named poem indeed. A sense of sadness with the yearning and heartache, but contradictorily also this positiveness of “Encouraging her to dream, Believing…” I like it much, Audacious ~ truly a deep story told with so few words 🙂

    • I’m gonna make you sit right here, Sir. You sort my mind and me just perfectly. Your positivity sits so well with mine. The two just shine through the poetic longing that lives within this poem, Mr. Collis. I love when you call me Audacious. You instantly make me smirk, tell tell that you’re on to me, which I truly adore. A deep story just waiting to be told. You’re always so generous with your compliments and I thank you for them. My dreams may never look the same. I hope you have a great weekend, Dalo. xxxx

  2. Oh my, the sky just opened, a new day is abreast. Float then to the touch of the one you love, and who loves you and in his kisses find sweet relief, find the Garden you both grew with your beautiful and restless sighs.

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