Amidst the clutter
Of my mind
I recognize what I love
Clinging to primitive
I retreat
Into wooded respite
As I normally do
Surviving reality
Too much to handle
Eventually every tree falls
I cannot listen for one more


76 thoughts on “Tortured

  1. I’m sorry that trees fell as you went to your wooded respite, as those woods can be so good for soothing. I hope your stress eases very soon.

  2. Good morning Audrey – It seems many of us have fallen beneath the clutter. Sometimes I think that I am the clutter and there is no way to hide from me… even amidst the forest… We’ll have a good day soon…
    Perhaps tomorrow…

  3. Audrey, I do empathize. Sensitive souls are having a hard time these days — so much news assaults us, so much of the bad stuff, that it’s hard finding and holding onto our own centers. Turn off the TV, ignore the newspaper, and declare a day of peace. Light a candle, put on some calming music, curl up with a good book (or someone special!), and renew!!

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