Amidst the clutter
Of my mind
I recognize what I love
Clinging to primitive
I retreat
Into wooded respite
As I normally do
Surviving reality
Too much to handle
Eventually every tree falls
I cannot listen for one more


76 thoughts on “Tortured

  1. Good morning Audrey – It seems many of us have fallen beneath the clutter. Sometimes I think that I am the clutter and there is no way to hide from me… even amidst the forest… We’ll have a good day soon…
    Perhaps tomorrow…

  2. Audrey, I do empathize. Sensitive souls are having a hard time these days — so much news assaults us, so much of the bad stuff, that it’s hard finding and holding onto our own centers. Turn off the TV, ignore the newspaper, and declare a day of peace. Light a candle, put on some calming music, curl up with a good book (or someone special!), and renew!!

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