Women employed by conditions
Beyond their control
Wore cotton prairie dresses
Stained, of their station
Laundered just the same


36 thoughts on “Care

  1. Mmmm, this makes me think back to my grandparents ~ what a great joy they were, and what adventures they had with nothing but loose change in their pockets and off in the world to make it together. People who are the salt-of-the-Earth and just great to be around ~ beautiful poem Audrey Dawn.

    • What my few simple words do for your thoughts, Dalo, create such excitement inside me. You always make blush. You’ll never truly know how big my grin is when you explain to me how my words spark your memories. My grandparents were never happier than being in a car and on an adventure together. Their spirit for adventure lives in me. Your comment has such a romantic feel… Thank you, Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire.

    • Sometimes it is hard not to romanticize the past ~ I head back to Seattle this week and when I head to Pike Place market (where my grandparents met), I always imagine that is in Seattle in 1930s…

    • I think it’s in my nature to romanticize everything…can’t help myself. I also think we often hear about sufferings of the past and not the natural stillness it provided. Not much of that in 2014. Safe travels back to the states, Randall. Pike Place market…you know where your grandparents met? Love that, you know. Mine? Dairy farm in Boulder, CO, no longer around, but I have been to the area. I envy your visit to their special spot. Enjoy…1930s…fantastic.

    • Never lose the gift to romanticize…it keeps life good and fresh; mixing in great memories and thoughts with the present πŸ™‚ Dairy farm in Boulder ~ isn’t it nice to have a story to dream about?!? Cheers to a good week.

    • Wow! Now I feel better. I love reading poetry but I’m not sure I always get it. Then again, I think one of the cool things about poetry is how a poem may speak to different people in different ways. As soon as I read your poem, I called up the link to that song.

    • You did?! See now that makes my day. I wanted to plant a seed and allow the idea to remind the reader of an event or time. To calm those who think they aren’t worthy, me usually, and remind those who think they have it all together that there was someone stronger. The thing with my poetry, Dan, is I don’t make it difficult, or I tey not to anyway. I try to keep it simple, but a little deeper if the reader is willing to go there. Sometimes we’re emotionally fit for it and other days we need to take the easy route and enjoy the view. Both perfectly acceptable and a worthy reponse, in my book. Don’t stop reading poetry. Find those that don’t try to “out do” your mind. Those are the Poets who want you to love their work. β™‘

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