Your Presence


The way you approach
In full confidence
Steady control
Centers me


An ability to sense
Where I’m at emotionally
By simply patrolling
Around me


Knowing you’re near
A presence about you
I cling to automatically
With nothing to fear


As if exploration of my mind
Is what you desire
What sets me apart
And yours to admire


The mastery used
Absolutely nothing to prove
Leaves me yearning
Spinning, as I watch


Fantastic ability surrounds
Every thought, every sound
My body reacts


Your offer, often powerful
Soothes my soul
Leaves me adored
Until next time

The photos are of the Blue Angels. Every year I go and view these machines and the confidence they poses. I never tire of their abilities. There is power, dominance and security felt just by being near them. I admit to complete devotion towards their time and effort.


62 thoughts on “Your Presence

  1. Such a brilliant connection with these photos and your words Audrey ~ powerful and soothing. Saw them in Seattle this past Sept., and they simply stop everyone in their tracks in both awe and power. They do inspire us to go that extra step, for what is freedom if we simply waste what we’ve been given ~ great words and tribute with this piece of work.

    • Thank you, my dear. I’m so glad you find this poem and pictures soothing and powerful, as I often find your comments have the same affect on me. I think it takes a special person to command a plane in such a way. I enjoy every moment of watching them fly. The confidence is humbling. I think you’re correct, we should leave our view of them needing to aspire for more. What a great gift to give to the pilots. The gift of inspiration.

    • I could truly go on and on about how amazing they are, you know. I’m in awe of the effort that goes into the design, the job they have and inforce, and the abilities God gave the men commanding the planes. Simply awesome, huh! I’m in the zone when they’re out…turning in circles trying to guess which way they’ll sneak up next. (I’m really good at it too…don’t wanna brag. πŸ˜‰ ) I love watching them, Dalo. I think it’s great that you do, as well.

  2. Such a fitting pairing with these words and the photos of the Blue Angels. But then, I’ve seen this many times over here on this blog. You’re damn good at fitting poems and images just right.

  3. Ahem.. slight cough… wink. They are amazing to watch aren’t they? p.s. I grew up about 20 miles away from Offutt and saw teams like this practice regularly.

    • Sigh… Smirk…slow blink. Yes, Monsieur, I believe they are phenomenal to watch. (I lived in NW Omaha and visited Offutt a few times. Once new one hell of a wing man, as well. Talk about confidence. I like the idea of your essence so close to the Blue Angels. ..may be too much power. πŸ˜‰ )

  4. We lived in the San Francisco and used to love the Blue Angles performance during Fleet Week. Our favorite viewing spot was in the Marin Headlands where the hills were such that when the Angles flew by you could almost touch them since they were on the same level in a valley approaching the SF Bay. Breathtaking

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