Yuan-fen 缘分

For my friend, Randall, the Oregon Cowboy, one man in pursuit of his 缘分 (yuan-fen). My hope is that I have a small piece of you, Randall, figured out. My prayer will be safe travels for you always in China. May you find all that your heart and hard work are leading you towards. Take this poem and make it yours.
~ Audrey

Craving emotion found in poetry
You found me
You’ve seen my soul
Now, let me see yours
I’d love to know
What joy is found in yuan-fen 缘分
Small town boy

You’ve caught my attention, my passion
Yuan-fen links destiny and action
Devine thoughts, Oregon cowboy
Your mind awaits fate’s reaction
Could these two dance, forever after
I understand, pre-ordained
The life we have been given

I too, seek reaction
A constant flow
You say destiny waits on me
The answers, humanity holds
You’re reaction waits on you, too
Humanity needs a push
How about you

What are we left to conclude
Choose to take
Offer to forgo
The path defined by yuan-fen 缘分
Yuan 缘 pulls two souls together
Fen 分 the depths of hard work
A journey of enlightenment

A cowboy with a camera
Traveler, who are you
Moving towards self discovery
Mighty diligence of pursuits
A heart similar to mine

The great unknown
Alive, yet hidden in mystery
Trust without fear
Bravery, you inspire me
Are you comfortable with your soul
Leading through such amazing photos

A fated life worth the work
Deeper than simplicities
Choices never ending
Our object of selection
Must be proven by our path
Says your ancient Chinese, yuan-fen symbols
We must relax

You have it all figured out, Photographer
Philosopher, owner of an extraordinary mind
Own it
Believe it
Sell it to me straight
Impressive expression, solo rider

Your art, like mine,
Quite a solitary life
Single soulful being,
In the pursuit of a dream
Yuan-fen your motivator
Karma, your powerful stream
Photographer, you help me to believe

36 thoughts on “Yuan-fen 缘分

  1. Something else, is so few words you have a very huge part of me figured out…. brilliant, brilliant, brilliant poetry (even as a bit self-serving my saying so may sound)! Just fantastic and fun, especially the process of this poem: you do write in the moment, as if for every single reader’s ear…and then this challenge of taking one word to create this poem was in itself opening the door of yuan-fen (缘分). This poem holds the meaning in its purest essence, purest form. Just beautiful.

    Not bad at all Audrey 🙂 It is great how this all came about, and really interesting that I thought of this word (even with a pretty high level of difficulty), and you ran with it… Cowboy probably would have been my other word as I was reading about the Pendleton Round-Up at the time.

    The the flow of this poem rolls well, and it took me a couple reads to realize my favorite line: “A fated life worth the work, Deeper than simplicities” as the first time (or two times) I read your poem, I did not take note of this line (so many other great ones…) but like a good Daoist verse, this verse is content to stay in the background unnoticed, quietly…sitting there while significance builds up around it. A perfect verse, hidden strength that leads to a perfect ending.

    This makes my day/week/month (although month is only 3 days old…), and take it I will 🙂


    • Hey! Randall, I’m so glad you’re happy with the poem. I have to tell you I was sweating it a bit, as I was finishing up. I wanted to take it in a few different directions, yet for some reason trying to help explain sounded like the right path. I mean, would be easy to go on about a mysterious love affair. Yet, for you, trying to understand you and what you’re searching for seemed like the right way to go. I truly am impressed with your journey, and yuan-fen. Just so you know, I’m not a trained poet. I haven’t spent years writing poetry for others to read, so I know the poem isn’t perfect. I’m okay with that, as long as the messege is correct and I caught a glimpse into who you are as a man.

      I come from a long line of cowboys, so I had to roll with the idea that you have a vested interest in the lifestyle. I’m thrilled you were okay with that addition. I could have spent a lot of time, possibly making this poem better, but I wanted you to have it before the moment passed by.

      Now this third paragraph of yours… (seriously, I’m so very humbled). Did you get the version without the misspelled words at the end? I had to go back and correct. How did I miss the spell check? Ugh! Thank you for pointing out what you favored within the poem. I appreciate that so much, Randall. The ending, well, I could have kept going. Twas like a conversation I was having with you that you couldn’t hear. And I’m never chatty, so that’s truly something to consider.

      You are too kind…I’m very happy you enjoyed your poem. I benefited from the study behind it, feel great about knowing you a bit better and thrilled you’ve agreed to take the poem as your own. 🙂 (I really hope I got yuan-fen right…)


    • Thank you very much Audrey, this poem was spot-on, and what really was good was melding the definition of yuan-fen within the poem. I was impressed by it, especially the quick turnaround ~ that is talent.

      The ending was great, those last three stanzas as close to perfect as I could have imagined. Fate and destiny (often are the simple translations) do not take into the pursuit & effort of yuan-fen. Anyway, very thrilled. A good day. Woke up, saw your poem, the Trail Blazers won and went on a great hike 🙂 Now off to dreamland 🙂 Cheers!


    • Okay, I have fully relaxed into believing your kind words. Thrilled to have measured up, if even just a little, to your hopes for this poem, Randall.

      I think yuan-fen just gained a new student, as well. Such a true process and I invest a lot of time in truth. I need to thank you. This process has sent me on my own journey.

      Congratulations on the win! A hike with pictures taken, I hope. Sweet dreams, Randall. 🙂


    • Good for you! I like the idea of being aware of opportunities and knowing that taking action is part of achieving my/our yuan-fen. The only journey worthwhile to take in life 🙂


    • I’m really surprised at how I’d forgotten how much a brief decision changes our path. Simple, yet life changing, ya know. Kinda like I wanna hit myself on the head with a “duh”. I’ve known this all along, but somehow the simple importance of it was lost in every day life. I walk away with a desire to be more intentional. 🙂


    • Well, I think you may reflect on this a few times in the future…as while I think we become more aware as we get older…not sure if we take more action (become more intentional) or just get better at rationalizing… of course, I root for the former 🙂


    • He’s a blogger here on WordPress and currently lives in China. We’ve only just met in the last month or so, actually. He gave me the kindest compliment saying that my poetry reads as if it were written specifically for the reader at that moment. I offered to write him a poem using a word of his choice. Told him it would be easy to write about a mysterious photographer…then he gave me the word. I had to research a bit before I could get a handle on a poem.

      I did my best. I wanted it to come off as if someone close to him would have written it for him. Maybe I got it right? I hope he has someone in his life that makes him feel amazing. He is truly gifted. Check out his page…his name is Randall. http://dalocollis.com


    • How the poem came about is such a great story in itself; one that fits the definition of yuan-fen as well. I suppose part of the unintended beauty of the poem 🙂 I was quite proud of myself for coming up with this word so quickly as Audrey professed “it would be easy to write about a mysterious photographer” ~ so nice to up the difficulty level on this challenge. And the result is this masterpiece 🙂


    • It was pretty funny when you mentioned that I should give you a word…and then for me to think of that word, I sure didn’t make easy on you. Really funny how it worked out so well. Thank you again!


    • Hey Audrey,
      Ugh, so sorry for the late reply. I haven’t had internet at home since Friday afternoon. My internet company decided to do some maintenance and it’s still not up and running again. I’m at my hubby’s office now trying to catch up on this Sudnay afternoon.
      Ok, sooooooo yes, you definitely came off as someone close to him. I really thought he was someone you were close to and really admired. Good on you girl.
      I’ll check out his blog.


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