My Fear

Before heavy eyes conquer this lady
I humbly confess to remembering
Vivid pictures of our beginning
Slowly teetering on becoming
Time that never was or isn’t
Proving that we don’t exist
My mind, that of a dreamer


The Ride


An optimal spread begins,
Causing a continuous feeling,
To beautifully occur,
When one submits,
To the current’s lead.
Starting high,
Ebbing with ease,
Rushing over,
Her middle throughly,
To finish slow,
Peacefully relaxing,
Exhaustively lapping,
At what he couldn’t achieve.

Real Quick

I’m an intelligent woman. I haven’t a degree in Information Technology, nor do I want one, but I have received an honorary degree from Cyberspace this past year. Okay, that’s a lie. Bold faced lie, but I should have received one. I’m pretty impressed with my abilities to rock some of this ITGeek stuff all by myself. (Yes, I made up a name. I like the name. Geek’s are awesome.) *flexing her muscles* I’m currently swooning over those with a bit more IT ability than I. may not be a website yet, but I’m willing to create it. No, I’m not. Another lie. Worse than the last one. Can you imagine the drinking involved if I tried to do that? Seriously…

I just want to be able to manage this website, I so eagerly pay for each year, without becoming a complete and utter drunk. Seriously, I just want to write. I don’t want to sit here for days (okay maybe hours, probably minutes, before beginning this post) trying to figure out why WordPress is attaching any ol’ picture it wants onto my poem and shooting it on over to my Google+ profile. Honestly, it’s been about two hours. Sad, I know. Miserably, challenged in a few areas. This should and sounds like an easy fix.

Now, as much as I enjoyed receiving the Miracle Blogger Award, somehow it doesn’t send the right message when attached to a lost love poem. Ahhhh!!!! I don’t want white or gray hairs on my head and I’ve gotten a few by clicking buttons this evening.

I have this pain in my right temple and tequila isn’t helping it one bit. Anyway, if you don’t hear from me tomorrow it’s because I’ve passed out on my laptop, my phone or on my desk in front of the Apple. Don’t laugh if the lime juice has attached the lime slice to my cheek. Kindly, shake my shoulder and move along. Thanks.

Gotta run, my glass is empty and I’m headed back to the WordPress Help Center. I cannot promise that I won’t start hitting on people, if I don’t get this figured out soon. :)



Blocked View


No matter the distance
Or how loud the call
With or without the view
Still, love is craved, above all

Functions exist
Essence is missed
Daylight survives
Moments lack bliss

Destiny occurs
We haven’t the choice
Knowing most lines are blurred
Fate has a voice we’ve all heard


Blended Splendor


Blended pinwheel symmetry,
Defined petals in full view.
Cohabitation splendor,
Oh, just look at you.
Feathered inner sunshine,
Proves that your beauty, also,
Comes from within.
We see you beckoning,
Pleasantly, you’ll survive,
Amongst cascading leaves,
All the while living,
A wild verdant fantasy.


Audrey Dawn - Oldest Daughter Redheaded Sister:

My Girl, Morgan, simply stunning the rest of us today. Says she was inspired by my poem, Waiting. Smiles, because she is the one who inspires me. Humbled and thrilled she gave this strange poetry form a try. Won’t you try? Give it a shot!

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Listening, for Love

Listening for Love, to Sing

Listening for Love to Sing, Sweet

Listening for Love to Sing Sweet, Music

Listening for Love to Sing Sweet Music …

Inspired by: Audrey Dawn’s beautiful poem, “Waiting”
Beautiful Original Artwork by: Jessica Allain

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