Thinking today,
how so effortlessly,
a photo I captured
was chosen, by you,
as a favorite.
Put to a frame
inside your world,
honoring me,
I feel that so deeply.

I am blessed.


I visited Devil’s Backbone last summer with my siblings. We almost missed the opportunity and I’m thankful we made the trip. What a wonderful surprise to come across Jay’s post. I felt instantly connected to the memories I cherish of Colorado. If you don’t follow Jay’s poetry you should, I believe. I’ve found he has a great sense of humor, which he rarely shows. I did the hard part. I forced him to talk to me and what I’ve found is he’s just the man I expected. Humble, yet, oh so ornery, I’ve found. Smiles. He’s a true poet. He’s survived a living hell and is here to show us we can learn to smile again. Please do me a favor and stop by Poet NbJ and follow his blog. Poke on him a bit. He deserves it. I’ve found authentic people are the easiest ones to support. He’s one of the good guys and tonight his photo comforts me.

Life: New Beginnings


You are my new beginning,
the life,
I so badly need.
I feel you
inside of me.
Pushing me to strive harder,
to find a way,
to please you
Not because you demand it,
of me,
but because I am aware
you are the air
I so badly need,
to breathe.



Most fragrant as the sun wakes her,
gently the rays stir her soul.
Feeling proof of a strong presence,
dew, his markings, she’s told.
Accepting nourishment to blossom,
she, quite often, in his control.
Arching into each spectacular layer,
while feeling his touch, she’ll glow.