You Don’t Know Me

Another shot at a writing prompt from Mr. Don Charisma – Disapproval . Hope you enjoy! I am a bit nervous posting this one, but in true form…off the cuff it is. This will be my last poetry post until Monday. Enjoy your weekend! ~ Audrey

I see how you look me,
Disappointed in my choices,
Sad for my soul.
Dismissive of my presence,
Within these four walls.
Hoping to stir inside of me,
Brutal melancholy.
Desires inside of you,
Need for me to change,
My thinking, my ways.
You eye my golden cross,
Which rests upon my breast,
A true devotion for His cause.
I will battle your urges,
Which I sense,
To rip this symbol from my chest.
I am His,
He is mine,
We work together, He is Devine.
You must take yourself away now,
His power will defeat your goals.
The intensity of you watching me,
Well, it seems rather bold.
Eye for an eye, if truth be told,
His proverbs from times of old.
Mustn’t strive to make those crumble,
Christians alive and well will meet,
Swords of Glory, til you stumble.
Back to where you came from Devil


Clear Views

Lost and wandering
Inside, our cold cabin
I live in darkness
Weakens me
Yet, yearning to inspire my soul
A long winter of sadness
Had unfolded his wings
Today, terrors occasionally tread
A fighter, I must become
Stop the nightmares
Bring out the sun
Freedom, for everyone
Your grace, defeating
Finally, happy heartbeats
Blessed to have your light
Bright and flickering
Inspiring, too
Just look through this window
See what it proves
I could easily get lost inside you
My window, my savior
I’m so delighted
Look at what you’re offering
A tree filled with green
Isn’t he so pleasing
I love the way he arouses me
Allows me to think of Spring
My Devotee, once again
Flowering, my soul
A proper thank you
My one and only goal


An Argument – Part 2


“Take the blindfold off, my dear!”
“Just a minute. Not much further now. Step…step…step…oh, wait! Knees, up. Okay, step…step…step…steeeeppp.”
“You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you? These don’t feels like true steps I’m walking on, Ma’am.”
” Well, they are, Mister!”
“I’m slowly losing my patience, Lady..”
“Relax. We’re here. You used to be more fun, you know?”
“Here! Take this dumb cloth. *looking around*  What? You’ve got to be joking…”
“What’s the matter?”
“We’re at the park. Not the quilt and the clouds again! You tricked me! I knew those weren’t real steps I was climbing.”
“Oh, just lay down on the quilt, you old goat. We have fighting to do.”
“I want to begin by saying that I am not looking for anything in those clouds today. Rats, I say, to all elephants!”
“This is where we do our best thinking, my dear.”
“No, this is where you bring me to try and change my mind. I recall this spot, and our discussion perfectly. We fought my dear.”
“Now quit! I think this time we’ll be more productive. Have some faith. “
“We are never productive, my sweet.”
“Yes we are! Why just yesterday we agreed on naming our slug. I say bravo for that feat. Wouldn’t you, Sir?”
“I don’t know. I can’t remember back that far.”
“You don’t remember yesterday, but you can remember the spot where we first fought?”
“Well, yes, so it seems…”
“How romantic, Dear. “
“No, I call that self perseverance. “
“How’s that?”
“One should remember their way around a battlefield.”
“This quilt, my mother made, is not a battlefield…!”
“Wanna bet, Hun?”

I think these two have a story to tell. We’ll be checking back in with them from time to time.

Their first discussion can be found here, if you’d like to read their first fight.

I know its wordless Wednesday. What does that even mean…



The flow of music
Our notes,
Whispering towards me,
Offering a slow start.
Forever in a trance,
Waiting for a crescendo,
Unknown to the Universe.
Did you notice?
I don’t miss the words,
Those that haven’t been written,
Or spoken in so long.
The beat carries on,
The deepest bass,
Like your darkest place,
Would be easy to find comfort there.
Texas beach, cool night air
Whisked away
Blood pouring from aching eyes
Arms wide open,
Although miles apart, I fear.
Dreaming of your piercing stare
As the notes end,
it is then,
I will weep.

Don Charisma’s Prompt – Imagine : Thanks for bit of inspiration this afternoon, DC. I may have to try to do more of these prompts. Makes creating so much easier when I have a word. I just closed my eyes and, well, here ya go WordPress Family.


Your Hands

A working man’s hands
You raised me, astounding
A vision of brokenness
Yet respect found us, thankfully
Father, years of mending misgivings
Holding hands, you love me
A working man’s hands
A brother to me, oldest sibling
Strong, brave, forever loving
Growing up, you fixed our needs
Hearts, cars, music, dreams
Your hands beside me, waiting
A working man’s hands
Found you, awakening my dreams
Outstanding similarities, just breathe
Waiting patiently, my journey
Imagining and releasing all fears
Your hands, I’m offering them peace


Love Plays On


Inspired by Otis Redding’s “Sitting By The Dock Of The Bay”, this weekend’s evenings with cherished friends and my friend, M. Zane McClellan’s poem, “Love Me Like Lyrics”.

Love songs play on,
Their aging beat strong,
A melody only they can recall.
Lost are the days,
They dreamed and played, fondly,
Stuck inside aging minds, bodies.
Time not a friend,
Yet, deemed humbly,
Music’s sweetest story.
Songs of the sun’s powerful embers,
Provide blessings,
As their forever continues.
Hurricanes couldn’t divide,
Some tried, no compromise.
Sadly, love always working,
And approaching goodbye.
Earthly obsessions,
A late night masterpiece,
Tunes their melody.
Final days found holding,
Caressing skin,
Feels good to ache again.
Love’s battle cry,
Ceasing time, unworthy.
Yet, honorable and deserving,
Love never ending.
One hope remains,
With fingers intertwined,
Staring at the bay.
Nothing his lyrics forget,
Lips craving,
Body savoring,
Sunset providing a proper ending.
Her soul breathes and sighs,
She is his, no one could deny.
The dock pulls at them to wait,
Fate would have it no other way,
Life perfect this moment, this day.
Love’s promises made,
If she leaves first, meet at the gate.
His eyes will know hers,
Final resting,
Heaven’s green.
Welcome, Eternity


Rolling On


Pursuit of dreams
Like the fog at dawn
Rolling on
Eerily, they watch
Why do dreams chase
Honing their place
I offer nothing, officially
Still they consume, thinking
I feel them wrapping around
My needs
My desires to prove
I am everything,
He created, beautifully
I can be me
Soul, mind and body
Never losing sight
Cherishing Heaven
My goal
Forcing authenticity
Those who contradict,
Try to detour, I’m told
The wicked one’s goal
Keep true
Allow them a view
Inside your heart and your mind

Rocky Beach Sunset Pano – Happy Birthday Audrey :)

Audrey Dawn - Oldest Daughter Redheaded Sister:

Ask and one just may receive from, Mr. Charisma. Isn’t he adorable. Thanks for the beautiful sunset, DC. A perfect way to start my evening. I have celebrating to do tonight! Cheers!

Originally posted on Don Charisma:

This one’s for one of my longest readers  Audrey Dawn  … She’s, well, part of the family almost now :) … and …

It’s her blog’s 1st birthday today – yay!

She asked me for a sunset, so here’s a sunset …

It’s four portrait shots merged with tender loving care in Adobe Photoshop CS6 …

There’s some writing in the sand, my Thai is not very good, but I think it says “Don Charisma you are awesome, we love you !” … but heck I could have got that wrong, so don’t quote me on that :)

Oh, and parental guidance is advised if you click on Audrey’s blog, she has, ehem, sexual content :twisted:

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

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Happy Anniversary (Sexual Content)

Yep, Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister is a year old today!! I received my seal from them last night. I was aware the anniversary was approaching, but I’m shocked at how I feel now that WordPress has validated me. Tearful, I suppose. A huge thank you for reading this blog, my friends. I am humbled by your encouragement and love. Thank you for pushing me to try harder.

This year has been amazing. I have found so much joy in creating each post. I am grateful for every word that has been written. I’m thankful you have read and enjoyed my simple thoughts. I’m also thrilled that so many of you have stuck with me the entire year.

I remember being content and satisfied over my first follower. I could have stopped right then and there, actually. Now, there are over a thousand of you. Do you know what that does to me? You could push me over with a feather, as I reflect in amazement.

Thank you for allowing me to sit amongst all of you and for letting me to grow beside your creativity. It has truly been an honor and a privilege.

Now, in thanks and celebration I give you a quick short story. This is also the fruition of a promise I made to myself, a fulfillment of sorts, to push myself out of my box. To show, who I am as a writer, all in the name of romance and love.

How the anniversary night of two people madly in love should start out, I believe.

Enjoy! Love and best wishes towards your creativity today,
~ I love you~ Audrey
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

“Hey, Baby. Did you make that chocolate cake for me?” He asked with skeptical seduction in his eyes, while standing in the doorway of the exposed kitchen.

“Welcome home, Love. Yeah I did, for our anniversary, actually. I know you’ve been working hard all week on your deadline. I thought I would attempt to do something nice. Maybe we could just stay in tonight?”

He watched her stare down at the floor, while folding a towel. Simply a prop, he realized, to mask her true thoughts and needs. His head jerked up in surprise, as his body became aware of her pulse, “What? You thought I forgot, didn’t you?”

“No, honestly, I just wanted tonight to be quiet. Relaxing.” She loved when he nodded at her, as if all-knowing and fierce.

“I know you better than that, I think,” he warned, while slowly walking towards her side of the kitchen. The smell of candles burning tickled his senses, but those were more for her than him. He loved her delicate desires.

With her heart producing a vibration strong enough to be heard, she backed up against the oven, which was still warm. Her phone rang.

“Let me answer this call. It could be important,” she said. Her glowing features revealing too much excitement, as he immediately narrowed the distance between the two of them.

Her needy eyes were forced to look into his, as he grabbed her by the waist, “No, you’ll stay right here.” He took the phone from her trembling hands, and threw it against the exposed brick wall of their studio. There was absolutely no need for that mundane distraction when he was home. He’d easily replace the iPhone tomorrow.

“Yes…okay,” she replied desperately while taking a deep breath in, and allowing it to escape slowly through her quivering bottom lip.

“Now, answer me again. You made this moist cake right here for me, didn’t you, Darling?”

She watched him place his finger into the center of the warm cake, and slowly draw his creamy finger back out. Circling the frosting lightly before pushing it in a second time, pausing as he searched her body’s reaction. She closed her eyes, as the sensations took over any control she had left, “Yes, I did. I made the cake.”

“For me! Say it was made…for me!” He forced out, while probing her lustful eyes. Insistent that she claim him with her admission, he stood strong.

“The cake is for you,” she whispered, as four of his fingers found rest on either side of her jaw.

“It’s all mine?” He interrogated, while placing his middle finger in her mouth. He knew she loved chocolate. He loved nothing more than watching her beautiful face light up with passion.

“All yours,” she forced out. Her tongue and lips readily sucking his finger clean.

He looked around the tidy kitchen, and then quickly picked her up and placed her on the glass stove top. Heat attacked her favorite blue jeans instantly, and it swiftly advanced towards her already tingling skin.

“Stove, hot?”

“Umm, hmm,” she moaned softly.

“Look at me!”

Her yearning eyes found his in a rush, “Yes.”

“I prefer my cake and my lady warm, you know.”

She sighed voluntarily, knowing it would only lead to trouble.

He reacted by confidently pulling her arms above her head and back towards the tile behind her with speed. The act allowed for a perfect arch, created by her body and his resistance. This made him very happy. Breasts up and out, effortlessly standing for his attention.

“Don’t take your eyes off of mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she blinked. Then she blinked again, because she knew she could get away with a little teasing. The act allowed for his continued frustration with her. Parting her lips, she allowed a brief laugh to leak out.

With one hand holding her arms over her head, he used the other to gently grab her neck. Coaching his thumb to begin allowing pressure to her lovely throat. Just enough force that she knew he was in complete control of her. His calloused hand was shaking with need, yet easily reacting to her mind’s desire.

He breathed quietly. Calming his urges to rip her clothes off, he silently reminded himself of the process she prefered. He thought of her need to play. To dance in a submissive rhythm. He would be the harsh and dominate man she needed, while his insides weakened in her presence.

Her submitting eyes continued to stay on his, however, she made a quick move to pull herself closer to the heat he was radiating. Wrapping her legs around his waist she confidently gathered him inside her thighs. His face above her concealed breasts, yet close enough that he could see her excitement, as he looked down and into her shirt. Her arms over her head, him between her legs and their eyes locked inside each other, as they slowly progressed towards love’s wild and promised passion.

Oh, how he loved the look of her body in this position. In a low moan he finally spoke, “I will kiss you now however I want, wherever I want, then I’m going wish you a Happy Anniversary. Enjoy this tender act, because after, I’m going to lay you down across this cold counter. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my love, I understand…”

“May you never leave me…”

His lips hard and demanding. Her lips longing and ready. Passion igniting over their love story.

*** *** ***
Thanks for entertaining my creativity this Friday morning. Have a wonderful and productive day.

Blessings ~ Audrey



I can’t compete with time
I can’t compete with journeys
I can’t compete with photographs
I can’t compete with wordings
I can’t compete with holigraphs
I can’t compete with simple rhymes
I can’t compete with that which drives
I simply want to live in our world
I simply want to breath the air
I simply want to feel your stare
I simply want to matter, above all
I simply want to allow myself to fall
I don’t need your hands
I don’t need your eyes
I don’t need your pleasure
I don’t need your lies
I don’t need your love
I don’t need your number
I don’t need your covers
I do need your thoughts shared
I do need your emotions to lap deeply
I do need your mind weakening me
I do need your cravings
I do need


Love’s Umbrella

Protective covering,
Found under an umbrella.
Cloaking two people,
A lady and a fella.
Lost within a street full;
Barely a notice;
Eyes for each other,
Devoted focus.
Approaching quickly,
My eyes shy.
This is their time,
Watch them pass by.
Hear their exclusive music,
Linger in my mind.
Notes float up,
My heart aches for you and I.
Their eyes connected;
Not a wink or a blink,
Allowed for isolation.
Love’s obsession.
Trying not to stare:
How do we get there?



Beyond time there is forever
I’ve been exclusively drawn
Past our realities we’ve been chased
Address: water dreams
No permanent place
White sails our home
Crystal clear memories to come
Lost lives we’ll count them,
One by one
Doing life without you, not an option
You’ve won
Follow me into forever
Each amorous night beginning,
with devouring our setting sun
Nothing but blue ahead of us
Leave the green behind
Teach me the sea’s sweet melody
Only symbolic option I can find
Nourishing waters will feed
Your Pisces, me
Poseidon will greet us,
Just beyond the horizon
The logic behind our fate
I was his
Now I’m yours
Dreamlike state


Wide Open

Possibilities endless
Progressing in a forward motion
Green on both sides like arms
Submissive smiles
Spring has arrived
Open road which offer curves
Thank you
May we all acquire what we deserve
Could this solve suffering
Somewhere there will always be a no,
Remember those who say yes
Shout from the top of the rolling hills
Life is worth living
Every bit
Take this road fast, as it transcends
Wide open destiny

Positively Gray

Sun behind the clouds again
Pay no mind today
Stay thankful
Positively gray
Be surprising
Continue your heartbeat
Allow love’s residing omnipresence to complete
Walk among the rocks this morning
Feel the heat
Hardness of existence
A warm day is upon us,
With or without the sun’s wink
Water crashes
Although dreary
The spray divine
Cleans my thoughts, my heart, my mind
I’ve loved you for a million years,
If even for a day
I see you even after you’ve walked away
My thoughts and prayers always with you
My mind continues to write
Our love affair lasts forever
Even when its grey outside
The sun I shall seek today
I feel the rays
I am me
Finally breathing



I grew up taking care
soothing pains
of those who suffered.
Who taught me?
Two sisters, brother,
mother and a father.
Oldest Daughter
fights for all.
Redheaded sister
hugs when they fall.
Don’t tell me
I’m vain,
or bloody insane.
The poetry
I write
is of happiness,
often healing me
at the end
of my day.
I tend to
women’s tears,
when there’s no
money for simplicities.
I feed children
with no lunches,
after mothers
have forgotten.
I fix worn out clothes,
even when I don’t know how.
Trust me, these people
I know;
live in my heart.
I’m not
what your
eyes see,
my poetry,
an escape for me.
I write of love
hoping to create it
for all those who
are denied.
Yes, I admit, it helps me too.
Am I confident?
Yes, I cannot help
this part of me.
Take it or leave it.
Maybe, just let me be me.
I know suffering
I feel it everyday
humanity is
my sibling,
my child,
my sister,
my friend,
my brother,
and my end.
I will go to my grave
trying to save them all.
I’m allowing you
to catch me when I fall.
Look me in the eye
when you’re looking
for a fight.
This girl will react.
I just might…